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Daria Getsman

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Сomplex approach for your efficient oil production


Triol Corporation products are successfully implemented in different segments of industry. Oil production is one of our key industries since 1993.

Oil production is a complex process that requires high accuracy. Triol Corporation focuses on maximizing the efficiency of customers’ business and offers integrated solutions for oil production including automation of technological processes.

Here they are!

  • Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 is a reliable, universal and flexible solution compatible with any type of motor (induction, PMM) pump (ESP, SRP, PCP) and submersible equipment. Triol designs customized VSDs according to Customers’ requirements as well.
  • Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01 is designed for monitoring oil well parameters like temperature, pressure, water content in the formation fluid). Downhole Measuring System helps to optimize the operation of equipment, as well as minimize the risks of submersible motors damage.
  • Low-voltage frequency drive Triol AT24 is a perfect solution for pumps and motors control. Implementation of Triol VFD significantly extends the lifetime of equipment and reduces energy costs.
  • Linear Electric Submersible Pump (LESP) is an innovative and unique solution specially adapted for marginal, unconventional and deviated wells. The solution fundamentally increases the profitability of marginal wells and combines all the traditional and modern technologies into efficient way of oil production.
  • ITA Triol technology is aimed at automating of oil production and increasing its efficiency. The second and no less important part of the system is the equipment with which solutions based on this technology interact.

All Triol products form one complete system for efficient oil production, the system that makes it easy for you to get the best results!

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