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3 Defining reasons to choose Triol Corporation


As you know, Triol Corporation can help you to get a jump-start over many manufacturing issues as we have a very strong development team that can solve any problem. In addition to this Triol Corporation is doing its best to satisfy Customer needs, thus it determines all current features why you should chose Triol Corporation.

Reason #1
Being a manufacturer and a supplier of equipment, we mostly deal with Customers from all over the world, and naturally each of them has differences in organizational culture and peculiarities of mentality. So, Triol’s managers always keep this in mind to provide reliable communications.
However, on my experience, there is another subtle issue. During negotiations with most of the customers, I deal with underlying differences between two customer’s groups inside their organization: technical specialists and purchase department (i.e. managers and users) who mostly have different priorities and requirements. The opinions of both groups need to be considered, despite they are often not compatible with each other.
Therefore, to simplify the interaction with Triol Corporation, the whole work process with the Client during the negotiation of technical requirements (both contract work and technical support) is conducted through the commercial department only. Thus, the Customer is in contact with a single account manager, which solves all the questions and fully controls the situation.

Reason #2
Another important thing, which I encounter as an account manager is that after commercial issues have been approved, Customer’s technical experts can top off some questions or requests. Thereby this leads to increasing of time and cost production.
Therefore it is very important to have a technical specification approved in time, which let our engineers identify uncertainties to offer an effective solution.
In most cases Triol Corporation is able to offer not just a single decision, but the whole range to optimize the overall system.

Reason #3

Another issue is that, basically, Customers buy equipment units from different manufacturers and then integrate it into a single system. This requires the full compatibility of the equipment, and “mutual understanding” of controllers. But often, some of the features are discovered upon delivery. This may happen due to the lack of technical literacy or violation of information transmission chain (this issue was previously highlighted by my colleague Amelin Artem).

As a solution the complete equipment set should be produced by one supplier. Luckily, Triol Corporation produces a variety of both surface (VSD, SWB, Transformers, etc.) and submersible (submersible pumps, motors and downhole sensors) equipment. When such a set of equipment is delivered it guarantees the complete work of a single system.

Also we are always ready to offer the integration of your controllers in our equipment. An example of corresponding solutions is the successful cooperation of our VFDs in the US and the controllers of our American partner.

If you have ever faced such a situation described above please leave a comment about how you managed to solve it.

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