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Triol Trading LLC 

The official U.S. branch of TRIOL Corporation, Triol Trading LLC was founded on May 22, 2017, registered in Houston, Texas.

The main goal of Triol branch in the U.S. is to increase the value of Triol products and services in the region. Since 2017, TRIOL has been successfully introducing its newest quality product innovations to premier Oil and Gas companies in the USA, increasingly building new distribution networks and advancing according to the latest industry trends.

To achieve the highest level of our Customers’ satisfaction with TRIOL in U.S., we are strictly focused on the following: individual approach to each Customer, attentive study of Customer’ needs and quick response with reliable solutions, providing a Customer with the highest quality and cost-effective products as well as outstanding level of after-sale support. Our additional services include on-site personnel product trainings and 24-hour response from TRIOL service engineering support.

Triol Corporation corporate office

Triol Trading Warehouse

The new Triol USA warehouse was established in Houston, Texas, January 2019. Today, we are capable of supplying our products to any part of the country within 7 business days. It is also possible to arrange an order pick up the same day the order is placed.  

Installations in the U.S.
Today, Triol has up to 200 Variable Speed Drives Triol AK06 installed in the U.S.

 Downhole Measuring Systems Triol TM01 are successfully operating in the Permian Basin.

Triol USA Vision

Our vision is to become the best provider of industrial products and services in the US. We strongly believe in integrity and close collaboration with our Colleagues, Partners, Suppliers, and Customers. We love overcoming any professional challenges and helping our Customers to solve their tasks of any complexity. We strive to offer unique technological and cost-effective solutions the world has never seen before!