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Triol Corporation Overview


Founded in 1993, TRIOL Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Power Electronics and software products. With its Head Quarters, engineering and manufacturing facilities located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, TRIOL offers vast array of high-tech modern solutions to optimize the efficiency of operative processes and to maximize productivity while reducing costs.

Today, we specialize in developing, manufacturing, implementing and servicing the key and unique products for Oil and Gas Artificial Lift, Industrial, HORECA, Agricultural, Building, Transportation, Energy, and other specialty sectors.

TRIOL extensive product portfolio includes large verity of Variable Speed Drives, low-voltage and medium-voltage Variable Frequency Drives, surface and submersible equipment (various control products, downhole sensors, and linear submersible electric pump systems), as well as software solutions.

Our outstanding products and services, exceptional open-minded individual approach, solid technical and after-sale support make TRIOL your reliable and ready-for-challenges Partner.

Triol Corporation product lines:

Triol now:

  • 3 factories and 11 service centers
  • Full production cycle from PCB and electronic units to metalworking
  • 26 years of experience in oil and gas and industrial sector, and more than 1500 of successfully implemented projects
  • More than 1500 employees, including 250 design engineers

Triol Corporation is a perfect match for your business when it comes to helping you conquer new peaks and open new horizons of the Industrial world!

What makes us different from other manufacturers?

Triol Corporation strives offering the best solution to our Customers and Partners. We see “the best” solution as a product that meets Your requirements, delivers high-quality results, and its unique features provide a stellar performance. As a result, this product is beneficial for Your business in any possible way. Our everyday mission is to offer a solution the world has never seen before!

Our mission

    For society

  • Create such a case in business, industry and economy that allows people feeling a sense of pride.
  • For Customers

  • Furnish our Customers with opportunities to fundamentally solve their most important and challenging tasks.
  • For Humanity

  • Create something uniquely important and necessary for people. Something what is not going to be created without Triol.
  • For Professionals

  • Create an exclusive world of opportunities, which allows realizing their ambitious and economically attractive dreams, plans and ideas.

Our Values

Our corporate values generate the unique “genetic code” that unites the company and defines its distinctive features and culture. These are:


Cooperation with partners, colleagues and suppliers.

We focused on uniting our efforts to maximize mutually beneficial results and achieve joint goals, to develop greater solutions that deliver greater opportunities for both, our Partners and the company.


Curiosity and openness to global oppor tunities.

The world is full of new opportunities that we are interested to explore! Our openness and creative enthusiasm help us identifying these opportunities quickly for further development and implementation by Triol


Professional skills.

Expertise and perfection – these are the driven forces for us. We are eager to offer the world our premium, reliable, complete, and universal solutions. We enjoy taking new challenges, which provide us with the opportunity to maximize our professional potential. Symbiosis of originality and reliability is our key to success.


Human resources value.

Only a person who appreciates other people can create a high-quality reliable relevant solution. Our specialists are the great example of such employees, as we create conditions for their professional and personal growths.