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About Triol Corporation


Triol Corporation is a private owned company that began to offer wide range of services (R&D, project implementation, manufacturing, after-sale services) in the sphere of power electronics more than 25 years ago.

Triol Corporation provides developing, manufacturing, sales, technical support and after-sales services of the following products:

Triol Mission and Values

Triol Corporation’s objective is striving to offer our Customers, Partners, Employees and Shareholders such a product that the world have never seen before. This goal makes a long-term destination for our business setting its mission and values.

Triol’s mission is to create new exciting opportunities for people bringing them happiness and gratification:

  • To add value to our Customers and Partners business solving their most important issues by rendering forefront solutions in power electronics, electric and mechanical engineering, programming and electronics.
  • To provide our staff and managers with exclusive possibilities for work and creativity that will bring the most ambitious targets, tempting goals, innovatory ideas and inspiring dreams into life.
  • To create for ourselves an atmosphere where all of our employees feel confident, comfortable and healthy, where we can grow as individuals and professionals.

Our corporate values generate the unique “genetic code” that unites the company and defines its distinctive features and culture. These are:


Cooperation with partners, colleagues and suppliers.

We combine our efforts with those of our partners to maximize mutually beneficial results and achieve common goals.


Efficiency, focus on results in every (any of our) action.

We’re assessing our personal effectiveness and efficiency with tasks that are successfully completed. We have a clear vision of our goal and a path to achieve it. We are working regarding to (considering) the well-defined deadlines. Cost-effectiveness is in the focus of our (operation) solutions.


Curiosity and openness to global opportunities.

The world is full of possibilities, which we are interesting to implement! Our openness and creative enthusiasm help us to quickly identify new opportunities for our company’s development.


Professional skills.

Expertise and perfection – we are pleased to offer to the world reliable and complete, exciting, bright solutions. We enjoy new professional challenges, which provide us with the opportunity to maximize our professional potential.


Human resources value.

Only a person who appreciates other people can create high-quality and reliable products that are in high demand. Therefore we carefully select and train our staff, and provide necessary conditions to advance their professional and personal development.


Life and time value.

Our work brings us pleasure and satisfaction. We schedule our time to make our lives as proactive and productive as possible.

Our name is registered

We are working to help our Clients to meet their objectives providing them with cooperation, trust, reliability and communication.

Our guiding business principles have been designed to encourage high-quality collaboration with our business partners. These principles are high functionality, flexible competitive pricing, special warranty policy, solid delivery performance, and effective after-sales service.

In total, our mission is to develop new opportunities that make people happier and more satisfied than before.