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Advantages of Triol Power Electrical Technologies


Today, electrical equipment in the field of oil production plays an important role, because it provides the conditions for profitability, comfort and efficiency in work. It is very important that the acquired power electrical equipment be of the highest quality and ensure the durability of the equipment. At the same time, the issue of product cost plays an important role, which should be at an acceptable level.

Artificial Lift Surface Equipment produced by Triol are designed to maximize the efficiency of the oil production process. Triol Corporation developed three types of this product:

  1. Switchboard AK01 Series;
  2. Soft starter AK02 Series;
  3. Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 Series.

Advantages of Triol AK01 and AK02 is to ensure that the electric motor is switched on and off in the mode with a full direct connection. They favorably influence the electric motors, contributing to their long work with the rated current, and also protect them from short circuits and overloads. You can manage VSD data both at their location and remotely.

Advantages of Triol AK06 VSD are that it’s designed to reduce harmonic distortion in the network. It includes full functionality for controlling the installation of an electric submersible pump (ESP) based on induction and PMM motors. Triol AK06 VSD effectively protects the entire system from emergency power outage by reducing the load on the network. Its application is the optimal solution for the efficient operation of any oil company.

Each product AK Series has its own features and advantages. With them, you can find out in the infographics, which is presented below.

More detailed information about Triol AK can be found in our Brochure “Artificial Lift Surface Equipment”.

Triol Corporation – innovative technologies for efficient oil production.


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