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Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 line UD

Variable Speed Drive AK06 line UD is a premium solution for complex tasks with the maximum focus on minimizing product maintenance time during implementation, operation and repair. Advanced specialized control algorithms and excellent modular design ensure maximum safety, reliability, and efficiency of the entire equipment complex. AK06 drives are designed to control submersible and surface installations of electric submersible and positive displacement pumps in harsh climatic conditions. Triol specialized authoring control algorithms provide efficient control of installations both with induction and permanent magnet motors

  • Operating temperature range – 20 ° С … + 60 ° С
  • Enclosure – NEMA4, NEMA4X
  • UL certified
Power supply, V3×380 ± 15% / 3×480 (-15% … + 10%)

 -50% continuously with reduced output power;

 – 65% up to 500 ms (with a decrease of output power)

Input frequency, Hz50/60 (-5% … + 5%)
Rated output current, A100 – 3000
Overcurrent characteristics120% of rated value for 60 sec
Change of frequency task increment0,1 Hz
Efficiency96 %
DC bus ChokeBuilt-in
Sine filterBuilt-in
Capacitor unit (for voltage sags)Option, outdoor


Braking IGBTOption, built-in
Braking resistorOption, outdoor
Electrical power meterOption, built-in
GPRS routerOption, built-in
HMI●        UMKA03 controller with a 7-inch monochrome screen, push-button control;

●        UMKA07 controller with LCD-TFT 7 inch display, push-button control (touch screen optional);

●        Integration of third-party controller

Output frequency1.5 – 80 Hz, in induction motor control mode

 1.5 – 200 Hz, in permanent magnet motor control mode

 1.5 – 600 Hz, in high-speed PMM control mode


PWM frequencyup to 8 kHz depending on VSD type
Speed maintenance accuracy (static) +/- 10% of rated speed in open-loop system
Control type– vector control in an open-loop system without speed feedback (for PMM)

 –  scalar control: based on the characteristic voltage / frequency U / F (for induction motors)


Light alarm“Work”, “Waiting”, “Stop”
Operator control voltageOption:

 10 V DC, +/- 2% current not more than 30 mA,

 24 V, 300 mA

 110/220 V, 10A for connecting of third-party consumers;;

Number of AI2 by default, optional extension +8
AI typeprogrammable 4..20 mA, 0..5 mA, 0..10 V (frequency reference / multifunction analog input)
Number of DIN2 by default, optional extension +4 or more
DIN type24 V, input resistance: 4 kOhm
Number of AOOption, 4 or more programmable 4..20 mA, 0..5 mA, 0..10 V
Number of Relay OutputsOption, 8
Acceleration and deceleration rates– linear, from 0.1 Hz / s;

 – program mode with an adjustable time of reaching given frequency

InsulationGalvanic isolation between power and user circuits
Insulation resistance> 5 MOhm
Protection typeOvercurrent protection;

Power switched temperature (IGBT) ;

Max. and min. voltage in the DC link..

Communication portModbus
Physical interface-2-wire RS-485/232 for Modbus by default

-Ethernet (optional) – for communication with ACS/automated control system/

-wire RS-485/232 for Modbus – for communication with a surface downhole measuring system

Frame TransmissionModbus RTU
up to 115200 bps
Enclosure protectionNEMA4, NEMA4X
Material of enclosurecarbon steel, stainless steel
Operating temperature-20 ° С … + 60 ° С
Relative humidity100 %
Cooling typeType of cooling Air-to-air heat exchanger for cooling of power compartment, air forced to cool the winding elements of the power circuit
  • EN 61439-1:2011,
  • EN 61000-6-4:2007,
  • EN 61000-6-2:2005;
  • RETIE;
  • UL 61800-5-1