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An eventful year 2016 for Triol Corporation


As winter sets in Triol Corporation traditionally sums up the expiring year.

What is 2016 best remembered for?

Definitely, this year will be termed as the year of highly constructive and successful work. It was pleasant to get the new results, efficacious projects and far-reaching plans! Innovative product development, market expansion, productive facilities upgrade, extension of international cooperation – this and more contributed to the successful development of the company. The expiring year had become favorable for Triol Corporation in external relations developing.

While it all started with product improvement:

Advances in Triol low voltage equipment.

In the springtime of 2016, our VFD Triol AT24-18K Series sailed through pilot-scale tests. We developed and successful carried out VFD AT24 Multidrive marine application in CIS Shipbuilding Company. We evolved a new solution based on VFDs Triol for excavating gears and drilling-rig drives – frequency inverter (drive) AT24 for backhoe crawler excavators. VFDs Triol AT24 Lift (Elevator) application successfully tested and their reliability is confirmed by pilot-scale tests in our company and the customer premises.

Advances in Triol medium voltage equipment.

In the second quarter of 2016 Triol Corporation was carried through updating of medium-voltage frequency inverter AT27 block-box version. Only AT27 VFD of new-generation is meant to be used since the very 2016. It is marked by refined energy datum, portability, maintainability and reliability. The second half of 2016 pleased us with the first supply of VSD Triol AK06 in Indonesia. Furthermore, our expert Anton Shkolniy personally was training customers how to handle with VSD and run PMM:

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Advances in Triol submersible equipment.

The highlights among submersible equipment in 2016 year are:
– downhole measuring system Triol TM01-09 becomes a new application of telemetry which is ideal for operation in wellhead 2,7 inch and more;
– permanent magnet motor as innovative solution for work in marginal wells;
– linear electric submersible pump as an effective alternative to sucker-rod pump.

Triol Corporation had entered to oil market with the new unique proprietary solution – LESP. We had successfully carried out the first pilot-scale test of linear ESP in CIS company as well at our Partner`s site in US. Successful project implementation to installation of ТМ 01-06 in Malaysia. Also, we had time to make arrangement for submersible equipment testing at the customer’s industrial site in Argentina. In the coming days you will be able to read about success of operations in our blogs.

Other advances in Triol Corporation.

We had acquired experience by using a new form of communication with our clients – holding webinars, you can click on this link:

See the video

Our Partners and Customers are worthy of special mention!

In comparison with the past year in 2016 Triol Corporation has enlarged one’s footprint in markets of Iran, Ecuador and Colombia.

Our beneficial partnership with Smart Process Group in LTA region influenced to create the unique uniforms for Triol employees. You can see it by clicking on the link:

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At the end, it is worth pointing out that Triol Corporation never stops in proficiency enhancement, confidence and interest of personnel.

Surely, the success of any project of company depends entirely upon the employees.

We have created a new department in Triol Corporation – Department of Human Resources Development.

Every single day our experts develop industrial welfare and operating conditions as well as corporate sustainability, train leaders, who will be able to make prompt decisions and efficiently manage the teams.

Usefulness, open-mindedness, self-starter, readiness to go ahead and successfully cope with new challenges – here are our brand values, our basis for work with our Customers and Partners.

Let’s write the future with effective integrated solutions, new unique technology and only expert opinions!

Let’s write the future with Triol Corporation!

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