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Daria Getsman

Daria Getsman

Head of External Relations


Vasiliy Kravtsov

Vasiliy Kravtsov

Export Sales Team Leader

Vasiliy Kravtsov works in Triol since 2013. He began his way in the Corporation as a field engineer, was promoted to the head of the development team of engineers and service center, and then became an Export Sales Team Leader. He can find the right technical solution for a given requirements specification in the target date and for the best price! And it is proved by his achievements: automation and stabilization of the production of oil and gas mixture for Ukrnafta with Triol VSDs and DMSs, the conclusion of the first in Ukraine service contract for Krivbassvodokanal, ramping up the well in Canargo (Georgia) and the launch of the first batch of Triol DMSs in Azerbaijan. Vasiliy also provides training on working with Triol VSDs. Vasiliy Kravtsov got two Diplomas in Economic Cybernetics and in Telecommunications Technologies and Means from Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.


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