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Daria Getsman

Daria Getsman

Head of External Relations


Vasyl Alieksieiev

Vasyl Alieksieiev

Team Leader

Vasyl Alieksieiev is a Team Leader in the Low-voltage equipment development department. As he said himself: “Gagarin went to space in 1961, and after 50+2 years I came to Triol”. And he’s got a couple of reasons to say so. First of all, Vasyl holds a Master’s Diploma with honors in rocket and space engineering from National Aerospace University. Second of all, same as Gagarin laid a foundation to space travelling, Vasyl Alieksieiev developed and implemented a new generation of Triol AT27 VFD’s. In Triol Corporation he has come a long way from design engineer of Triol AT27 series to AT27 VFD Product Owner, and to the current position. As a Head of the department, he manages more than 30 design and electronics engineers, circuit designers, and programmers. Vasyl aslo deals with department’s budgeting and technical promotion of products on the market (in terms of increasing reliability, functionality and implementing innovations).


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