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Automatic dispatching control system Triol iDrive


Good afternoon, experts in equipment automation!

One of the new Triol Corporation developments is automatic dispatching control system (ADCS) Triol iDrive. This system accomplishes a dispatch function of device control using wireless channel. It is built on CPU-oriented architecture.

The «heart» of this system is a router Triol MT01 that is also produced by Triol Corporation. It is a low-level controller with 3G modem functionality. Triol MT01 implements equipment data exchange by interfaces RS232 and RS485, Ethernet and USB. Person without special programming skills can connect and set router Triol MT01 through the Web service. It simplifies and hastens the ADCS Triol iDrive based on systems building. Also, the editor for logical function programming is carried out by the router base. This editor ensures the automatic performing of required operation without stuff involvement.

All data from router are saved on the iDrive server. Server is deployed on the external hosting or local computer, it depends on Customers’ requirements. Server guarantees the reliable data protection owing to the usage of advanced encryption systems.

User can obtain the detailed information about devices with help of top level iDrive software. It is controller working position, which allows to monitor all parameters and changes of pre-set values of devices that are connected to the system. Also user has access to the archives with parameters values of each device. This information user obtains in comfortable view (tables or charts).

The main advantages of top level software are:

  • reports editor, which allows to create reports of any complexity;
  • reports calendar, which allows to generate required reports automatically at certain date.

Web service iDrive is an alternative to the top level software. It is an optional component of iDrive complex that implements the full capacity.

System administration is very flexible. There are not only standard access levels, as «technologist» or «controller», but also a constructor of access levels. Such decision allows to provide or to block the access to certain device or functional.

Farther development of ADCS Triol iDrive involves SCADA iDrive system, hardware and software complex «Smart manufacturing Triol iDrive», projects building «Smart home Triol iDrive» etc.

iDrive system is quality and affordable solution for remote device manage.

More information about Triol iDrive you can find here (ссылка на landing page).

I am open for your questions in comments.

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