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Automatic Dispatching Control System Triol iDrive, Connection and data transfer types


Dear Readers, colleagues, partners and customers, let me tell you and show my vision for the new product of our company Triol iDrive and data transfer type for electrical equipment measuring and control systems.

With the current Oil price and market slowing, lowering down Oil production price is one of the main issues for the Oil production and service companies. Of course there are several ways to do that, like lowering of the equipment and service costs, delivery costs etc., but in 2016 we need to look deeper and with current opportunities in the hi-tech technologies for sure special software and online measuring/control system could help us with that. For this reason we spend about 2 years for developing, testing and adopting for the market our Automatic Dispatching Control System Triol iDrive.

Reasonable question “HOW?” Right now our Triol iDrive system could transfer data through GPRS or cable signal, so you can simply insert mobile sim-card, even 2, and the system will work through 3G or GPRS signal. But our question is if it is enough GPRS signal for data transfer, what about if there is no GSM or cable internet in the field. This question is hot topic for Latin America and US markets, where distance to the field is long.

Decision for this type of wells could be radio signal data transfer, which is know like Radio Data System + satellite internet and could transfer data from the long-distance places. But in this case how reasonable could be development of such system and data transfer type is the main question for our R&D. Our vision of the long distance automation dispatching system installation is in using satellite internet with our router directly for each unit or using one satellite connection and router and gathering data from couple of electrical units by Radio signal.

With Triol iDrive system first of all you do not need to spend costs for engineers presence and transfer to the field each time you need to check the well. Also with this system you can analyze and adopt products for less energy consumption and higher efficiency, working history is always available from any device with internet connection and any region. All of this – is modern technology which is right now becoming essential part of doing business. In the nearest future we will collect all the information from you, our partners, and make the final decision for the design.

We will appreciate you help, comments and description of the preferred type.

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