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Back from Indonesia trip


Hi Everyone!

This time I would like to share with You my impressions about visiting Indonesia.

I am lucky to cross the equator 4 times and visit 2 different islands in one trip (too bad, none of them was BaliJ). Still I visited the most smiling island of Java (I was in Jakarta) and the most oilrich island – Sumatra (visiting Minas oilfield in PekanBaru).

It was a short trip but quite a busy one. I met lots of old Customers, Partners and met partners from some new Companies. Indonesia is one of the core markets for us. We already supply our versatile drives there to control PMM motors in local projects. You can check here more details on how my colleague Anton trained local team to handle our drives with this type of motor.

The key fact about oil market in Indonesia is that oil production here is going down year after year. Most of the wells are marginal. That’s why we visited the biggest oil companies in Indonesia to make presentation of our linear ESP (LESP) – an innovation from Triol for the wells with a low flow rate. This is a complete system which includes 5 different parts: VSD and step up transformer (surface equipment); plunger pump, linear motor and downhole sensor / gauge (submersible equipment). We’ve received great feedback from Customers and now are planning to test our LESP’s in several wells in Indonesia.

We also had several meeting with key oil service companies, which already are Triol’s Partners and work with us all over the world. Since the potential of the market is huge, we agreed to test our gauges, switchboards and VSD’s to start our cooperation in Indonesia.

Hope to visit Jakarta soon again to check how our equipment is doing in the oilfields!

Please contact us anytime for more details about Triol Corporation and our products or put Your questions as a comment to this blog.


To get information about the range of gauges You can click here or download the datasheet here. To see what else we can offer please visit this page.

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