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Be proud of working in Triol


Hello Dear Readers!
All of us are busy with daily routine work but also having a rest is really essential to keep going.
I suppose that the best way to take a rest is a time spent with your closest ones. And today I would like to tell you about my visit to the Central Park of Culture and Leisure “Gorky Park” with my family.
The first amusement I took was the Ferris wheel to show my kids the beauty of Kharkov. There were lots of other people, who also wanted to ride the attraction.
Let me explain why I’d like to share this topic with you – I am proud of the fact that the amusements of this park are equipped with Triol Corporation inverters.
They are built in the Ferris wheel and the ropeway – two of the most popular amusements of this park. It is worth noting that the Ferris wheel is the largest one in Ukraine, and the ropeway is not only one of the favorite entertainments, but also a way of transportation for residents and visitors of Kharkov.
I can’t avoid stressing on the amusements very high level of quality and reliability. And Triol Corporation is not the last one having its credit in it.
The park keeps working during winter period and if you have a wish, you can rise above the snow-covered city, and don’t you doubt Triol equipment is a great support in such harsh weather time.
I would be happy to know that the article brings you bright thoughts about time spent with your family and friends.
Be sure Triol solutions are always here to fill your life with happy emotions.

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