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Bipedal anthropomorphic robots overview. Vol.2


Hello, my dear friends!

Bipedal manlike robots don’t cease to amaze us more and more. Their intelligence, task performing efficiency and similarity to humans grows with each day. So, as I promised in my last blog (Bipedal anthropomorphic robots overview. Vol.1) I’m back to discuss with you more achievements in robotics, made by oriental countries. And our first stop is, of course, Japan.

To start a review of Japanese robots we must mention the most famous robot ASIMO by Honda. This is the first robot that has learned to walk and to move steadily on 2 feet through the premises, the first companion robot. Most of the materials on the Internet is actually about it, so I will not dwell on a subject.

I also consider HRP series robots by Kawada Company and AIST Research Institute as a rather interesting project. The series includes already 5 generations of robots and developers have managed to achieve the structure of the robot movement, repeating the movements of the person. Robot Cybernetic human HRP-4C, not only looks like a human but also moves smoothly and elegantly. You can easily find the video on the web by the robot’s name.

HRP Series robots

Korean researchers also keep up the pace with their Japanese colleague. I find HUBO series robots by KAIST Institute the most interesting here. These projects are something similar to ASIMO. However, their motion control algorithms allowed them to win the DARPA Robotics. HUBO for DARPA competition have additional wheels for faster movement on flat surfaces. The appearance of robots is also quite original.

HUBO series robots

Moreover, the Koreans created a huge Mech-robot Method -1. It moves according to Zero Moment Point basic algorithm (which can be noted on the video on web). A simple and powerful kinematic scheme of the robot joints is also worth mentioning.

Mech-robot Method -1

While developing the robotics researchers have created a considerable number of robots, to which I would also like to give a review. If you like this publication and are interested in more, we can discuss the German researches, the Russian and Ukrainian discoveries in this field, as well as robots for other purposes and with original designs.

Moving towards the innovation and advanced technologies, our company has committed a significant amount of resources to the sphere of robotics. Moreover, we have already achieved the first success in the development of a bipedal robot, which is also to be discussed in the following publications!

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APPENDIX A – General list of interesting robots.

Table 1 – Walking anthropomorphic robots

NameDeveloper/ManufacturerSpecial featuresLink
SarcosCarnegie Mellon University, USAThe first robot with full control of force, resistant to shocks 
Atlas PlatformBoston Dynamics, USAAdvanced walking algorithms, pass through the broken grounds and rocks. High power consumptionBody control algorithm
PetmanBoston Dynamics, USASoldier robot, similar to human body shape and gait pattern. Walks with support, but the fastest of all – with the speed of 7.1 km/h
HRP «Promet» series robotsKAWADA Industries and AIST Institute, JapanHigh self-containment level, ability to move on urban terrain.
AsimoHonda, JapanThe first bipedal  robot, the first companion robot. In addition, one of the fastest – with the speed of 7 km/hVery well known, so you can find everything on Google
HUBO (KHR) series robotsKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)Similar to ASIMO. Won DARPA
PROXI (earlier DURUS)SRI Robotics (Stanford Research Institute), USAThe use of shock absorbers, springy gait, hydraulic drive. The project is focuses on energy efficiency with functionality like Atlas series has. Battery capacity of 2,2 kW * hh
LOLA & JohnnieTechnical University of MunichManufacturability, compact drives
METHOD-1Korea Future TechnologyA huge bipedal  Mech  Simple and reliable joint design
FedorAndroid Technics Scientific Production Association, RussiaFocusing on manipulation tasks and assistance to the astronauts on the ISS
DLR-Biped & TORODRL robotics – a division of the German DRL Aerospace CenterProgressive moment control. Based on light Kuka manipulators
ValkyrieNASADeveloped for the mission to Mars
NAOAldebaran, FranceSaleable toy robot with the environment for design and functional development
PoppyOpen projectOn the 3D-printer

Table 2 – Walking platform and alternative solutions

NameDeveloper/ManufacturerSpecial featuresLink
SpotMiniBoston Dynamics, USA“Giraffe” with manipulator – home assistant 
CHEETAHLittle jumping thing, the fastest among robots with legs – with the speed reaching 46 km/h 
HandleWalking robot with added wheels.

Stunning dynamics
LS3, BigDogMoving cargo over rough terrain 
With wheels, the winner of DARPA 2015Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)  
EMIEW-2HitachiWith the wheels on the feet (robot on rollers). Office robot 
CassieOregon University, USABiped robot without a body
CHIMPCarnegie Mellon UniversityRescue robot on tracks, one of the favorites at DARPA competition
SchaftGoogle XEnhanced walking stability design
Robots with passive dynamics Maximum energy efficiency 

Table 3 – Robots with original design

NameSpecial featuresLink
Albert HUBOHUBO robot with Einstein’s head
Geminoid HI-2Remote-controlled android, a copy of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro
SofiaAndroid with emotions
EccerobotCopies human anatomical structures and mechanisms. Filar drive.
PepperSocial robot
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