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Bipedal robot! “It`s alive!”


Moving in the direction of implementing innovative technologies, makes us give all the forces in the area of ​​robotics. We have already achieved the first successes in the development of a walking robot. And that is one small step for man and one giant leap for Triol Robots.

If you are interested in robotics, I invite you to a series of articles about our inventions.
One of the most interesting and challenging problem in robotics is to develop a walking humanoid robot. And the most difficult task is to define a system for walking and controlling algorithms. The purpose of the new developments in this field:

– Continuous improvement of intelligent robot control system to create a dynamic gait stability with the minimum expenditure of energy on movement;
– Development of motion control system on surfaces with difficult terrain, traffic on the stairs and overcoming obstacles.

My blog I dedicate to the technology embodied in the control system of our first robot Triol RT01 and solving the problem of movement. It is a complex kinematic mechanism, built on the human image based on relationships that are optimal for the realization of movement and interaction with the outside world.

The kinematic mechanism units are connected to the joints with different degrees of freedom, allowing implementing complex motion similar to a human. We implemented our system of 25 joints with 25 degrees of freedom – (excluding hands) to control the applied electric joints of our development.

System management must be carried out in real time. In addition to the joints of legs and pelvis, the robot has a range of actuators for controlling the upper part (a large number of sensors on the board), thus requirements are rather rigid to the computing speed and information sharing.

For this purpose we have developed the following:

The control system consists of 2 high-power single-board computers that control the robot in a hierarchical manner. Higher-level controller solves the problem of intelligent behavior. Lower level processor solves problems of subsystems planning and stabilization of motion, pacing and manipulating the robot body.

Our development of noise immunity of the link excludes the impact of noise and allows the exchange of information between the 40 devices at speeds up to 2 Mbit / s. The system processes the data out of 50 sensors in real time and controls 25 actuators.

Stay tuned to get the fresh news about Triol Bipedal Robot!

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Bipedal robot! “It`s alive!”


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