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Hello , dear readers !

It is me again ! I have some new information for you and I’m ready to share it! Let’s go !

Business Association is one of many examples of gathering people together to achieve a common goal on the basis of public interest. In ancient times, there were the trade caravans, the ancient associations of artisans, medieval workshops, guilds and corporations. Nowadays, business associations are chambers of commerce, trade and industrial groups, professional associations, federations of producers, associations of small and medium-sized businesses, and other similar organizations.

Their appearance indicates the maturity of a particular sphere of business. This means that members perceive each other not only as competitors, but as colleagues, and are aware of the existence of common aims and interests, which can be easier defended together.

Business Associations combine entrepreneurs into something more than just a group of businessmen. And of course, it is a good base for communication, exchange of experience, ideas and news.

In addition, the association is engaged in the development and implementation of different projects which unite and support its ideology: magazine, exhibition, training center, the establishment of industry standards and regulations, and so forth.

But ‘business’ is too general notion and because of it, it is difficult to avoid common phrases. The conversation will be more objective, if we discus what the association gives to individual companies or entrepreneurs.

Becoming the members, candidates expect to receive both commercial and “political” benefits (for example, to establish them on the market as a civilized player) as well as the possibility of “back staging” of the solution of certain issues, lobbying for their own interests. And, of course, to win financially by saving the cost of participation in their projects (preferential fees for participation in the exhibition and distribution of promotional materials on websites and print media associations, free access to information resources, etc…).

By consolidating, businesses, especially smaller ones, are able to do something that they alone would not be able to, because of lack of strength either means. It is also important that, by introducing common “rules of the game” of business, creating industry standards, the association will primarily take into account the interests of its members.

It is very important for companies that are brand on the open market (for example, when entering the market of new countries or regions). In this case, membership in associations can provide an invaluable service in helping with the rapid adaptation of the company on the market.

That’s only a part of the benefits, which they can look forward to obtaining:

  • The use of association’s image.
  • Access to the results of market research and objective information about its participants.
  • Advertising and informational support.
  • Support in negotiations with foreign partners.
  • Consultations on business issues, advertising, legal and other issues.
  • Lobbying the interests of association members.
  • Promote and support the collective association working with customers, fiscal bodies and third parties.
  • The ability to resolve disputes and conflicts with partners and with each other directly or through the executive bodies of the association.
  • Operational receiving of information about unfair market participants.
    • Support for participation in tenders, intermediary services for searching for partners and government agencies.

Most of these benefits are the results of collaborative work of members of the Association on the implementation of its projects. As they worked on it together, business community members have a right to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of their labor.

Triol Corporation actively develops on the world markets. Therefore, I would like to hear your recommendation to join the “right” industry associations, as well as to hear about your experience in entering the new markets.

So , your comments are highly appreciated!

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