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Celestial Empire or How I visited China for the first time


Hello everyone!

I’ve just returned from my quite long trip from China. Almost one month I was there. Great country, great culture, great people! I got lots of impressions, experience and knowledge there.

My trip was started from visiting Shanghai, Nantong, Suzhou and suburbs of Shanghai. This region is the center of elevators production in China. Many companies from this and other sectors (like escalators) are based there. So we had good meetings with our current partners and new ones as well. For Triol products we see a huge potential on the Chinese market.

Like everyone who visits China for the first time I was impressed with how huge is everything there: big cities, wide roads, high speed trains, lot and lot of people. The last one blew my mind: the official population of Shanghai is more than 24,1 mln people, «small» Nantong and Suzhou – 7,3 and 6,3 mln accordingly. For example, the biggest city and the capital of Ukraine – Kiev – has officially only 2,9 mln. people. So it’s not a surprise that China is the biggest elevators market in the world – almost 63% of total consumption on the planet.

Triol has a great product to offer in China – variable frequency drive AT24 lift (elevator) application. We have a drive which can run all types of motors (synchronies and induction), can work with both types of winches (synchronies and asynchronies). Our drive is very flexible for settings (acceleration, deceleration, stop, and transient characteristics). It can operate with any types of encoders, different communication channels and protocol. It’s a universal drive. And it could be customized for each Customer. Please check more details here. As You see, it is a very effective solution for elevators to offer for Chinese market. Our partners are interested to try our VFD and to start cooperation with us.

By the way we got an invaluable feedback from our Customers regarding our integrated systems for elevators. Do You remember about integrated system (integrated controller) from Triol? I told You about it in my post here. So now we have opportunity to make our solution much better and more efficient. We are working very close to our Customers to provide the best quality to them. Hope to share with You more news about Triol integrated system soon.

Next time I will tell You about my «oil» (and not only) adventures in China – frosty -25C Daqing, hot +25C Shenzhen, about climbing Great Wall and meeting The Great Helmsman.

Do You have any projects in China? Or maybe You had some business in the past? Please leave Your comments, it will be very interesting to know You experience.

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