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Choose Your Downwhole Measuring System


Hello, Dear friends!

Triol always focuses on developing and implementing only innovative and reliable equipment for oil production, so today I’m offering you our TM01 DMS System – downhole sensors that can work where others can’t.

Our Downhole Measuring System is designed for monitoring of oil well and electric submersible pump (ESP) operation parameters with its further transmission to Variable Speed Drive (VSD) or Switchboard (SWB) controller. DMS optimizes the oil production, protecting electric submersible pump system from well pump off, premature failure and improves gauge utilization.

Product line of Downhole Measuring Systems (DMS) Triol TM01:

– TM01-09 DMS – TM01 Downhole Sensor Basic for intake measurements.
– TM01-10 DMS – TM01 Downhole Sensor for intake measurements.
– ТМ01–05 DMS – TM01 Downhole Sensor Extension for intake and discharge measurements.
– ТМ01–06 DMS – TM01 Downhole Sensor Basic with thru shaft.

How to choose the right among the available options?

To correctly choose your Downhole sensor, you need to know the following:

  1. Operating temperature and pressure in the well;
  2. The working environment (its aggressiveness);
  3. Required list of measured well parameters with acceptable deviation;
  4. Dimensions of the submersible motor and pump.

Please select your DMS system

Intake Fluid Pressure
Discharge Fluid Pressure   
Intake Pump Pressure
Discharge Pump Pressure  
Intake Pump Temperature
Discharge Pump Temperature  
Intake Fluid Temperature
Discharge Fluid Temperature   
Motor Temperature 
Vibration X-Axis
Vibration Y-Axis
Vibration Z-Axis
Current Leakage
Max Depth11485 ft11485 ft11485 ft13125 ft
Stainless Steel (or with corrosion resistant coating)
Carbon Steel




Why choose Triol DMS Systems?


Triol Downhole Measuring system operates with ESP brand, size or voltage, motor, including permanent magnet motors, and can be easily combined with ESP installation. Motor adapters and WYE points are easily connected to any size and type of motor. The system works properly in temperature up to 175°C, have wide range of functions with Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel enclosure, offering splendid value across their range of downhole applications (basic for intake measurements, intake and discharge measurements, with thru shaft). The gauge interface card is set up in several seconds and match an existing SCADA Modbus map.


DMS is designed by our R&D experts with many years of experience of ESP gauge design and power line measuring systems experience. Triol designs modern electronic components and manufactures lines which are carefully connected to a gauge. The gauge design makes it possible to reduced lifetime of the equipment. The system provides critical data diagnostic and real time condition monitoring of the tool.


Downhole Measuring System provides the following parameters:
– Pi (pump intake pressure), Ti (pump intake temperature), Tm (motor oil or motor winding temperature) Vx and Vy (dual axis vibration) and Cl (current leakage) which are standard parameters for any type of the gauge.
– Such parameters as Pd (pump discharge pressure), Fi (fluid measurements on the pump discharge), Vsp (motor star point voltage) are optional.
– The additional parameters or components can be designed accordingly to the market or customer demand.

System rewiev

DMS consists of three main units – the Gauge (sensor), the Surface Control Panel and 3-phase High Voltage Choke. The surface control panel is located either inside or outside (VSD, cabinet, box etc.) and the 3-phase high voltage choke is basically located with power ESP step-up transformer. The gauge is supplied by the surface control panel through ESP power cable and it transfers data to the surface control panel or VSD.

Leave your comments or contact our specialists, we will discuss your requirements and find an effective and individual solution for you!


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