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Daria Getsman

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Dear readers,

Due to the fact that my current activity is mainly connected with the new market researches, I would like to share my thoughts regarding visiting of exhibitions.
Today the exhibitions acquire a special status due to the current economic situation. They give a clear vision of actual market situation: who remains “afloat”, and who is just trying not to drown; which rooms in the market are vacant, and how to plan your strategy either tactics in the new market realities.
Each specialized exhibition is a meeting place for the entire industry. It is the complete market model in a miniature, where at a small area Customers, Partners and Competitors are presented.
The special importance of exhibitions is primarily concerned with the possibility of direct communication between potential consumers and customers, suppliers and subcontractors, who are interested in receiving information and networking opportunities. It is not even necessary (though desirable) to have a booth at the exhibition, which is quite expensive.
Those, who became more interested in budget savings than in having a booth, are free to become a guest. Even such kind of visiting will be profitable for you, because not only participation, but also a simple visit allows you to track market trends and evaluate the position of your company on the market, to “sell yourself” and your product, find new rational ideas, examine competitors’ policies and find out the prices for their goods.

However sometimes it happens when, for whatever reason (e.g. too busy schedule) you cannot visit the exhibition.
For such cases, Triol Corporation has the effective solution, which is now available thanks to digital technology – WEBINARS.
It is the way how we want to be open to our Partners not only at exhibitions, but also throughout the whole year.
To do this Triol Corp introduces a series of webinars to solve your “headache problems” on a regular basis. If you have a topic to discuss in the format of dialogue, we will gladly help you with this on our webinars.
But let’s go back to the exhibitions.
Different research cases show that more than 90% of all CEOs meet their clients at trade shows. So as well practice shows that phone contacts with these TOPs are almost impossible. Therefore, the exhibition – is the one of those few tools that opens the door of personal contact between the sellers and the final consumers.
I recently visited an exhibition dedicated to the oil industry in the Middle East. I spent 3 days at the show and I was able to meet more than 50 companies of our target market segment. Most of these meetings were headed by the CEOs of the companies.
Those 3 days made me able to gather more information about the market, as well as to collect more contacts of potential customers and partners which over than for 3 months by comparing with my work from the office.

This exhibition allowed me to form the image of the market and its needs, and to determine the marketing strategy for the market. Thus it was confirmed once again that the “live communication” is much more valuable than any phone calls or especially emails.

At the end of the blog I would like to offer you an appointment at the nearest exhibitions, which you plan to visit.

Also I will be grateful for the recommendation of the exhibition, participation which you consider to be effective.
And of course I will be glad to meet you on the webinars of Triol Corporation.
Look forward to your valuable feedback in comments.

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