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Comprehensive Solutions by Triol Corporation: How can we help you?


You are just starting the oil business and don’t know where to start? Or are you an experienced player of the oil market, who has faced the problem of marginal and deviated wells? Or maybe you are a service company, which needs additional equipment?

Triol Corporation is a leader in the electrical engineering for the oil industry. We offer you comprehensive innovative solutions that will help you to fully complement the oil production process with all the necessary equipment.

We proudly present Triol Linear Electric Submersible Pump (or LESP) system, which is a complete solution for equipping the stock marginal oil wells. LESP is an innovative product in its field and combines the benefits of traditional to date methods of oil extraction.

Structurally, this pumping-plunger unit represents a unique tandem of a specially adapted plunger pump driven by an electric linear motor.

  • Unique linear electric submersible motor with integrated hydraulic compensator and downhole measuring system (DMS) module of our own manufacture provides control of oil charge in wide range;
  • Downhole plunger pumps of minimum weight and overall dimensions provide high energy and technological indicators;
  • Variable speed drive, included in the LESP, provides optimal control algorithms and substantial energy saving.
  • Discharge capacity of 0 to 20 m3 per day, delivery head of 100 to 3000 m;
  • High efficiency, commensurable with sucker-rod pumping unit at depths of up to 1500m and significantly higher at depths of 1500m to 3000m;
  • Efficient performance in marginal wells and wells with viscous oil;
  • Uninterrupted operation in inclined, horizontal and deviated wells;
  • Enhanced reliability compared to jack pump unit due to a minimum number of moving parts;
  • LESP occupies smaller space at the wellhead site (compared to jack pump unit);
  • Lower cost of mounting;
  • Wide range of operating modes, individual selection of the operating mode depending on the well parameters for optimal efficiency.
  • Remote monitoring of well parameters and production control via remote monitoring system Triol iDrive.

If you already have certain equipment and would like to optimize its performance, Triol Corporation will also help you solve this problem! You can purchase individual components and software, such as switchboards, soft starters, VSD’s, DMS, iDrive, etc. Due to their versatility, all these components are easy to combine with any existing equipment you have:

  • Triol VSD works with any type of downhole equipment from any manufacturer
  • If you are used to work with a certain type of controller, you can easily install a controller of your choice on Triol VSD
  • Triol DMS also works with any VSD and motor
  • With the help of Triol MT01 adaptable router iDrive software can be installed on any VSD, and you can then control oil production process remotely from any convenient device, etc.

In addition to all the above, we provide installation, commissioning and maintenance services, conduct field tests, trainings for staff and much more.

All our products are uniquely customized for the needs of each client, which is one of the main advantages of the Triol Corporation! All you need is to tell us the required parameters and to describe the desired result, and our experts will develop and manufacture all the necessary equipment of a special design!

Comprehensive solutions of Triol Corporation can help you to fully complete production with all the necessary equipment, reduce energy consumption, minimize human intervention and make the oil production process the most reliable, comfortable and profitable for you (and all of that at lowest cost)!

Triol Corporation – we do not offer products, we offer solutions!

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