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Daria Getsman

Daria Getsman

Head of External Relations


Dear Friends!


We are glad to welcome you in our blog!

Let us introduce ourselves

I’m Vorotyntsev Andrew. Over a long period of work in the company I went from engineer to technical manager and team leader in the Commercial Department. My experience and qualifications allow us to discuss any technical questions and issues related to procurement;

My name is Kotlyarov Dmitriy –  I’m dealing with our Customers and Partners in Asian and European markets. My task is to find the best solution and to make cooperation easier and more convenient. I’m always ready to help you and to make a successful partnership. 

We both are project managers in Commercial Department.

You can write a request or ask a question, and we will answer each of them.

I hope that the blog will be useful to everyone, and all our Readers can learn something important and interesting.

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