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Does the size matter?


Today I would like to give a short but not the least speech about our favorite drive Triol AT27, and rather keep on with our updated line of cabin medium drives. Its weight and size characteristics are noteworthy. The developers have not only maintained all current functionality, but also enriched it with new chips (check my further articles).
Our customers often face with the question of VFD stowage place, it happens because of completely bounded  or limited space with already installed equipment. Surely, you can start a re-planning of premises, but isn`t it rational to do when the subject line either the entire site is concerned to be upgraded or replaced? And what if it is not?

We put ourselves a question And here you can see a ranked priority list that you can find implemented in Triol equipment:
1. Easy transportation.
2. Series of cabin medium drives applies to power 1600 kW.
3. Quick plug & play installation.
4. No need for special platforms and foundations for the installation.
5. The ability to load by truck or by hydraulic trolley

Dimensions and weight of AT27 cabin range:

Type Dimension, mm Maximum weight, kg
Width W W Height H1 Height H2 Depth D1 Depth D2 D2
АТ27-М20 1600 2350 500 1200 530 2520
АТ27-М25 2710
АТ27-М32 2900
АТ27-М40 2200 2350 500 1200 830 3500
АТ27-М50 3710
АТ27-М63 3910
АТ27-М80 3300 2350 500 1200 1000 5500
АТ27-1М0 5700
АТ27-1М2 5900
АТ27-1М4 6100
АТ27-1М6 6300

The whole range of  Triol AT27 converters with capacity from 200 kW to 1600 kW is developed and put into production.
And this drive AT27-M32 will be presented at CIPPE 2016 exhibition in Beijing from 29 to 31 March. Visit the exhibition and ensure how progressive Triol is.
You cannot stay unsatisfied because our inverters can be installed outdoors. Our first priority is to maintain the standard of work.

P.S. In comments to the blog, you can always leave a response, or broach your problem maybe for us it would be a simple solution.

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