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Daria Getsman

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Submersible equipment

Downhole measuring system TM01

Downhole sensors of Triol Corporation are specially designed to monitor oil well and ESP operation parameters with its further transfer to VFD controller. Telemetry sensors help to optimize oil production and protect ESP installation. Motor temperature sensors are a reliable and secure solution that can easily operate under a wide range of temperatures. Pump monitor sensors helps to optimize and facilitate operation process for Customer convenience. It allows reducing oil wells down time, getting actual information about the well operation and its immediately analyzing. The use of this downhole system provides total control and safe operation of the dual ESP installation.

Advantages of applying Triol Corporation’s downhole measuring sensors:

  • Stainless steel corrosion-resistant downhole unit;
  • Base oil temperature up to 150 °C;
  • Nonvolatile memory.

Pump sensor measures and transfers such parameters to VFD controller:

  • Oil temperature near the ESP stator;
  • Base oil temperature;
  • Base oil pressure;
  • ESP vibration of 3 axes;
  • Insulation resistance of the system «Step-up transformer—Downhole cable—ESP.