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Downhole Measuring System Triol ТМ01

Downhole Measuring System Triol ТМ01–18

Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01-18 is a high-temperature, reliable and profitable solution for systems working with hot fluids up to 175°C (347°F), where it’s necessary to collect, process, display and transfer actual parameters of the well and submersible equipment, with a pressure in the equipment suspension zone up to 40 MPa (5800psi)

  • pump discharge pressure;
  • pump discharge temperature;
  • submersible motor oil temperature or the temperature of the motor stator winding;
  • ESM vibration acceleration in the X, Y and Z axis;
  • insulation resistance in the circuit “Step-up transformer – submersible cable – ESM”

Key parameters

Ambient temperatureUp to 175 °С (347°F)
ESM oil temperature / ESM stator windingFrom 0 to +200\ 250 °С ±1°С (392°F -482 °F ±1,8°F), resolution 0,01°С (0,1°F)
Pump intake pressure0-40 MPa (0-5800 psi) ±0,1 MPa (±15 psi), resolution 0,001 MPa (0,1 psi)
Axis vibration x, y, z0-30 m/s² (0-3,06 g) ±5 %, resolution 0,1 m/s² (0.001 g)
Insulation resistance “Step-up transformer – ESM power line”1000-10000 kΩ ±10 %, resolution 1 kΩ
Operation mode (duration)Extended
Data update time50 s
Controller communication protocolRS-232, RS-485 Modbus RTU
Communication protocol Step-up transformer \Submersible unitClosed
Communication protocol Surface unit \VSDTriol\Transfer



Digital Module TM0116 digital inputs\ 8 digital outputs
Analog Module TM018 digital outputs
Adam TM01Adapter RS485/422/232 Ethernet
Triol High-Voltage Choke IP20230х460х142мм, 24 kg, IP20, from -40 to +60°С
Triol High-Voltage Choke IP56230х460х142мм, 24 kg, IP56, from -40 to +60°С
Triol Test unit TM01454х324х171мм, 11 kg, IP67, from -40 to +55°С, 4ч
Triol Test unit pressure TM01454х324х171мм, 9 kg, IP67, from -20 to +60°
SCP ModemModem type depends on the region of implementation