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Downhole measuring system Triol TM01-10: its features and advantages


Triol is constantly improving and widen the functionalities of the products. Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01-10 is one of them. This Triol product is a software-hardware system which collects an accurate data, provides high-quality measurements and parameters of wells and informs a user about environmental changes.

TM01-10 is an updated and improved version of the well-proven TM01-09 system for a number of the following functions:

– full compatibility of the submersible and ground parts with different gauges and VSDs, operating under the Transfer and Lukoil protocols.

– increased speed of information transmission up to 80ms per bit (20s cycle).

– stable and uninterrupted operation of the software (implementation of “anti-suspending” system for ground part of the DMS).

TM01-10 allows replacing the ground or submersible parts without efficiency loss, correctness, and accuracy of measurements of the whole system.

TM01 is optimized and fully complies with the requirements of ETT6.0.

There are 3 versions of enclosure type:

  1. carbon steel;
  2. stainless steel;
  3. corrosion resistant coating.

It is possible to connect additional equipment with weight up to 5 tons.

Submersible blocks provide operation in conditions of high pressure and temperature (Р-400МPа, Т-150С).

The pressure sensors with a sapphire substrate are reliably protected by a titanium plate where the immunity of the system is 600V 50Hz and 1kV 100Hz.

The system is guaranteed to work when the insulation resistance of TMPN-Cable-Submersible motor system is reduced to 10 kΩ.

We performed a number of stringent tests of the product. Our tests affect all stages of the product lifecycle – from assembly to operation. Such a range of tests totally guarantees a high quality of TM01-10. We always pay a lot of attention to the maintainability of our products for future commissioning and updates.

Here are some of TM01-10 specifications below:



The time of updating the information is no more than20 sec
Operating temperature range of surface control block -60 … +50 °С
Operating temperature range of the submersible block 0 … +150 °С
Range of measurement of oil temperature of submersible motor 0 … +200 °С
Range of measurement of the fluid temperature formation 0 … +150 °С
Temperature measuring discreteness0,01 °С
Pressure measuring range0 … 40 MPa
Pressure measuring discreteness0,001 MPa
Vibration acceleration measuring range0 … 3 g
Discreteness of measuring of vibrational accelerations0,1 g
Interface of connection to separation terminal unitRS-232, RS-485 mm
TM overall dimensions210х240х140 mm
TM overall dimensions103х655 mm

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