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Employment procedure in Triol Corporation


Six months ago export sales team requested information about employment procedure in our company, because Customer was curious about it. Our team quickly provided feedback and gave standards, tables, algorithms… After feedback from export sales team we optimized the information scope in such way that it takes one page. Requests quantity grew up since that time. Therefore, Customers are interested in HR management in our company.

I’ve decided to describe shortly and post the information about employment procedure in our company and further staff development.
Competition concept is applied in our company for the selection and employment of staff members. Respectively to it we choose the best candidates on the vacancy. This concept is described in details in several enterprise HR management standards: “Personnel policy”, “Technology of recruiting and onboarding”, “Appraisal technology”.

Each stuff member passes several stages:

1. Selection of candidates.
a. This stage starts from the requirements list for the candidates. Leader in cooperation with member of HR management team forms the requirements that are confirmed by the document respectively to the standard.
b. HR manager is looking for the candidates on the vacant position taking into account formed requirements. The candidate can be a person that has already worked in the company or outman.
c. The candidate passes psychological tests, the main goal of which to estimate the potential of candidate and his/her problem-solving skills. Also HR manager preliminary estimates the ways of candidate’s career development.
d. The candidate passes professional tests, the main goal of which to estimate profession-related skills.
e. If psychological and professional tests give positive results, then interview with department leader is set up. If final result is positive, then candidate starts with a probation period.

If final result is negative, then selection of candidates is conducted in the order described above.

2. Probation period.
a. Adaptation. Employee that is taken on probation passes action plan, which includes social and professional adaptation. Social adaptation lies in learning of company’s culture, values, work rules, etc. Professional adaptation lies in learning of business processes and certain solutions in the field of specific department competence.
b. Solution of real problems in respective department. We include employee into the existing processes and check his/her performance.
c. Appraisal is conducted at the end of probationary period. If results are positive, candidate is approved for the permanent employment. If results are negative, the probation period is elongated or labor relationship is over.

3. Employee personal development.
a. HR team and team leader put together the plan of further development. Accordingly to this plan employee receives not only tasks with respect to his qualification, but also more complicated ones for the further development. Also necessary training events are included in the plan.
b. Each employee of the company passes annual employees’ appraisal, at the end of which the current qualification level is determined. Review of the performance and projects is made on the appraisal. Employee receives the feedback about appraisal results over the reporting period. Appraisal procedure is regulated by internal company standard: «Appraisal technology».

Genuinely, these stages are imbued by values and convictions, goals and problems, technologies and practices, mistakes and achievements. Books could be written about it. I can talk about it nonstop. I shortly described employment procedure in our company, but if you have any questions please feel free to write me. This system has already proved itself by new contracts!

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