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Enclosures for Triol VSDs


Dear readers! Today I want to discuss with you enclosures for the Triol AK06-MM series VSDs.

Nowadays oil can be produced everywhere – in cold arctic, in hot desert, in tropics and subtropics, onshore and offshore. Wells can be everywhere! Oil should be pumped by the surface pump lines, so surface applications are one of new scopes for Triol VSDs. We can’t find easy conditions for VSDs, because conditions are always hard. It can be raining in Equador, sand dust in Kuwait, direct sun in Egypt, salted fog on Thailand offshore and more and more different places and conditions. Hard conditions are associated very often with aggressive corrosion environment.

When Triol has started own VSD business, our developers were handled with these problems and provide a line of customized solutions for every environment.

In general to make VSD multipurpose and available to operate in different conditions at temperatures up to 60 0C our VSDs in NEMA4 enclosures painted by special white-color powder painting, which is reliable, have a good quality for good price. VSD’s internal metal details have a sink-coating to prevent corrosion.

We always strive for excellence to provide best solutions for our customers as well as quality confirmation, that’s why we have started UL-certification process for our VSDs.

We are making improved VSD design and we have already found how to make VSD’s internal metal components better. For new supplies we will use the new technology for sink-coating which provides more reliable and thick coating. Metal details covered with a new manner seem to be more and more attractive and immune for corrosion.

We didn’t forget about outside appearance and have found and implemented new technology for outer coating as well – we will use new brand UL-certified paint, as well as appropriate technology and paint premier from the same manufacturer. So our Customers will be happy with these solutions.

Another big application field is offshore oil production. In this case environment is totally aggressive, which leads to highest enclosure requirements. Triol has found new technology and solution for such requirements – it is enclosure from stainless steel corresponding to NEMA4X standard. For our VSDs we are using stainless steel mark 304. These VSDs look excellent and can be used as mirrors! Our Clients often need just this solution for their special applications.

Which kind of requirements do you have and what Triol can propose for you to make our cooperation more efficient?

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