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Daria Getsman

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Equipment of Triol Corporation for ecology.


Hello, dear readers!

If you ponder over the timeless things you will realize that world and life around us are the most valuable things. That’s why the important aspect during new-products development is conservation of natural resources for our future generations, and a minimization of impact on the environment.

So we added such a “green” thing to our product line. And here it is –  Triol AK06 Variable Speed Drive (VSD) with 18-pulse input, with the very low concentration of harmonics and protection level NEMA4. It ideally suits for powering from generators and extended lines.

Also you need to know that

VSD with 6-puls scheme with rated load, which consists 33% of harmonics in current. However when the power is lower then rated, situation turns much worse. For this purpose, you need generators with the arrearage for work on long line and separate filter devices.

Usage of embedded equalizing chokes into each of three-phase rectifiers, 18-pulse control stations may work in 6-pulse mode. This is one of the key advantage in case there is no 18-pulse transformer on the object.

And the last one, I want to describe the general features of our “green” product :

  • ensure functioning in the conditions of the desert and tropics (NEMA4 ), the coast (NEMA4X),  thanks to special type of protection of these stations;
  • stable operation at high ambient temperatures (up to +60°C (+140°F));
  • maximum safety for service staff;
  • control System of the VSD continue operation at supply voltage dips up to -50%;
  • active input harmonic filter insures compliance with IEEE519 without using of special phase of shifting transformers (THDi<8%);
  • safeguard emergency operation (catch on the fly);
  • rocking start and shaking modes;
  • 1-sync and 1-limit models.

I will keep you informed of developments. You need no spare to ask me. Do not hold back/

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