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Daria Getsman

Daria Getsman

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Example of Win&Win principles in daily work.


Every time you negotiate, you have to look for new opportunities that affect a successful outcome for your customer business. If you think this way, you’ll be able to build long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Thus, during the negotiations with a customer, I found that there are few pumps on the customer’s pumping station whereas neither variable frequency drives nor soft starters are used. They just use simple but not efficient system: when the flow control range changes, SCADA activates an additional pump or turns off an excess one, while, depending on the flow rate, there is one, two, three or more pumps running to provide a predetermined level of pressure with a low accuracy and excessive energy consumption.

Answering to my suggestion about the installing of the VFD, customer just said: “It is very expensive to install inverter for each motor.” But luckily I was able to offer another more efficient and cost-effective solution, the one, which the customer had not known before: to use only one VFD TRIOL AT27 for the whole engine group.

At the same time we met customer needs and implemented control of system from on-site automated control system, rather than from the internal VFD controller.

Control of the system is organized as follows:

At low flow rates predetermined pressure is provided automatically being controlled by the first pump, when flow increases, using the switchgear controlling, VFD gently transfers the first engine to the network and then gently connects the second motor and regulates its operation.

If it is insufficient, in the same way it starts to connect the third and fourth pumps,

The actions take place in reverse order at shut down, thus this provides a predetermined level of pressure, constant regulation with the exception of hydraulic and mechanical shock.

VSD controller also allows regulating the service life of each pump unit with switching at predetermined time intervals. It also can automatically control the service life of engines, thereby ensuring their uniform wealth. Control system has not changed, but the motors switching and operating have become soft and energy-efficient. One drive instead of the group greatly saves either time and money or space for installation of equipment and, as well as, simplifies the control from ACS.

I have just described a single example out of our daily activity. As a result of this story company has got an efficient solution whereas Triol has got a loyal customer and both sides are satisfied with their cooperation.

If you need a new solution for your business, leave your comment and I will do my best for you!

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