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Excellent and Universal Solution Based on Medium Voltage VFD


Triol Corporation is dedicated to development of advanced solutions in electrical engineering for over 25 years. To this extent, we have made a great contribution to our Customers’ prosperity via decreasing expenditure for energy costs, increasing their equipment reliability, and improving technological processes performance. TriolCorp strives to offer things that nobody else can offer, and thus provides unique products and approaches to the market of industrial equipment. Among the product line, medium voltage Triol AT27 variable frequency drive is worth of a special attitude due to its high versatility and increased maintainability.


Triol AT27 VFD extends life-time of facilities and reduces equipment maintenance costs, providing that its technical features combine the most supreme engineering solutions, such as a low level of harmonic distortions less than 5%, which excludes a requirement in additional input filters and reduces power cables heating, and a multilevel PWM output, which allows operating within systems with a long cable line between the VFD and the motor.

Triol AT27 variable frequency drive is an indispensable helper in operation of different types of electric motors at industrial facilities. The product has 2 key lines with distinguishable features:

  • Triol AT27 ED (Energy Drive) is a compact cabinet type drive providing convenient adaptation of the product to Customers’ conditions and tasks, designed for different segments of industry with a wide functionality range;
  • Triol AT27 RX (Robust Xform) is a variable frequency drive in a form of a block-box execution; it is a functional device designed for the oil and mining industries, metallurgy, building, housing and public utilities, etc., having simplified installation, commissioning, and maintenance issues.

Table 1. Technical Summary Table for Triol AT27 Lines

ParameterTriol AT27 EDTriol AT27 RX
Input voltage6 kV -15%…+10%6 kV -15%…+10%
Input frequency50 Hz ± 10 %50 Hz ± 10 %
Output voltagefrom 0 to nominal value,

3 кV; 3,3 кV; 4,2 кV; 6 кV; 6,6 кV; 10 кV; 11 кV

from 0 to nominal value,

3 кV; 3,3 кV; 4,2 кV; 6 кV; 6,6 кV; 10 кV; 11 кV

Number of input phases 33
Rated input voltage of AT27 control system380 V -15%…+15%380 V -15%…+15%
Rated input voltage frequency of AT27 control system50 Hz -15%…+15%50 Hz -15%…+15%
Efficiencydrive efficiency is not less than 98 %,drive efficiency is not less than 98 %,
transformer efficiency is not less than 98 %transformer efficiency is not less than 98 %
Frequency definitionaccuracy ± 0.1%accuracy ± 0.1%
Induction motor controlvector sensor, vector sensorless, scalarvector sensor, vector sensorless, scalar
Range of output voltagefrom 0 to nominal valuefrom 0 to nominal value
Range of change in fundamental harmonic output frequency1…120 Hz ± 0.01 Hz1…120 Hz ± 0.01 Hz
Possible frequency deviation from the set value± 0.1 %± 0.1 %
Number of output phases33
Overload capacity120 % in 120 s120 % in 120 s
150 % in 3 s150 % in 3 s
200 % in 10 ms200 % in 10 ms
Power factor, no less than0.95 for 6 kV0.95 for 6 kV
Time between failures, not less than150 000 h150 000 h
Cooling methodForced air coolingForced air cooling
Operating modecontinuouscontinuous
InterfaceModbus (Profibus, Ethernet, CAN – optional)Modbus (Profibus, Ethernet, CAN – optional)
Altitude above the sea levelnot more than 1000 mnot more than 1000 m
Climatic conditions+1 to +40 °С (УХЛ4)-60 to +40 °С (УХЛ1)
Humidity80 % at + 20 °С80 % at + 25 °С
EnclosureIP30 (IP31, IP42 – optional)IP43 (IP54 optional)

Implementation of Triol AT27 increases energy savings, extends motors life cycle, and has a robust design for a broad applicability with a great dynamic response. And a sophisticated flux vector control system applied in the VFD ensures an exceptional high quality of drive functions, including cases when sudden load changes occur. In addition, Triol AT27 VFD evinces a high overload capacity of 120% for 120s, 150% for 3s, 200% for 10ms, and is capable to deal with supply sags of up to 45%.

A reliable variable frequency drive is a right hand for modern enterprises. To choose the VFD matching perfectly with your particular demand, contact us and obtain a comprehensive consultation on the Triol Corporation products.

Start controlling technological processes just now with Triol AT27 VFD!

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