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Daria Getsman

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Expanding the boundaries: first steps in European market


Dear Readers,

Welcome to my first blog!

Here, I would like to share with you Triol Corporation activities in Europe. As we expanding our market boundaries, we are entering the European market with our equipment for artificial lift as well as with our Variable Frequency Drives for industrial application. Throughout the implementation of this project, we’ve made several business trips to the UK, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, and Romania where we had a number of meetings with well-known companies operating in the oil production area.

During these meetings we represented our products and as a result got a positive feedback from our future Customers. Since our products happened to be interesting we had plenty of challenging discussions and workshops. Notwithstanding the falling of oil market, we concluded series of agreements on mutual participation in upcoming tenders and projects in Europe and beyond its borders with our Variable Speed Drives. Moreover, we found several applications for our Linear Electric Submersible Pump (LESP) in the United Kingdom and Romania. Since a production flow rate in these countries is quite low, LESP is an ideal solution here.

As for my personal impression, the most interesting place we have visited was London. It’s a fascinating city full of sightseeing attractions and interesting people from all over the world, but driving a car there made me crazy!

At the moment we are working hard on implementation of agreements we reached and expanding our customer base in this region. The first shipments are already on the way to Europe and we are looking forward to starting a collaboration with our new partners.

If you have any questions or suggestions please welcome to contact me or leave your comment, I’m always ready to talk!

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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