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Expanding the Market: My Visit to Cairo


Greetings, Dear readers!

Two weeks had passed since I returned from Cairo. First of all, I would like to say thanks to all whom I met on this business trip! I was welcomed with unforgettable warmth, positive and friendly atmosphere. Moreover, combining with nice Cairo sun, the visiting of Western Desert gave me the weight of the pleasant impressions!

My main tasks from this trip were to expand the market, and I’m sure we’re on the right way. Triol came on the market with one main product – VSD for artificial lift, and now definitely it’s safe to say – Triol is bringing new products.

With our Head of MV Drive R&D group, we visited one of the oil fields in a desert to meet with the end user engineers, check and clarify future project for Horizontal Pumps. We checked and studied existing  oil equipment and we’re ready to replace it with the MV Drive in the sea-type container.

Besides, we’re planning to show how Triol MV Drives use in Artificial lift can decrease power consumption and save money, with expected cash back around 1.5-2 years only by power consumption decreasing.

We achieved good results with end users and agreed to run trials for Triol Gauges, found the new request for special additions like gauges for SRP and PCP. So, follow the news.

One of the key results achieved during this trip was preparing for running the first trial of LESP in the Egypt and I expect that in Q1 we will show you first results of this project.

I am sure, this trip was relatively productive, and with new arrangements Triol will double market shares.

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