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First steps of innovative LESP in Europe


Hello, dear Readers of my blog!

As you know, Triol developed innovative LESP technology for marginal wells and we already have successful testing results for it in terms of increasing of cost-efficiency and energy efficiency compared to SRP and ESP, increasing of oil production and decreasing of water-cut. Such results achieved by implementation of state-of-the-art ideas in a full set of equipment and our unique operation algorithms. 

In this blog, I want to tell you about our first steps in Europe and our plans. You could ask why you are going to Europe with this technology? The answer is because there is a big demand for such solutions there due to lots of low-flow wells, where traditional technologies meet some barriers, and, of course, European passion to innovations. We decided to start from Eastern Europe, and then extend our experience to the rest of Europe.

Our first point was Hungary, where we had an amazing opportunity to participate as invited speakers in special Hungary SPE session in Budapest. On this occasion, I wish to express our appreciation to organizers of this event and guests, and especially express our gratitude to a person who invites us and support for his efforts and credibility to our innovative LESP technology. We presented our technology to representatives of main Hungarian Oil companies, Professors and intended petroleum engineers from the University of Miskolc.

    Presentation of LESP technology from Triol aroused high interest, we received a lot of different questions and had a detailed technical discussion. We agreed on a high potential of LESP on Hungarian wells and soon planning to make first installations to show all the advantages of a technology and succeed in this market.

We will do our best to implement all innovative technical ideas to make our Customers satisfied with the solutions from Triol! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about LESP, I will be glad to propose an ideal solution to increase the efficiency of your marginal well!

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