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Four Types of Business Markets


Hello Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading my blogs, hope they are interesting for you and make you think deeper about topics I am writing about.

I have been working on different markets for generally and particularly about 7 years. I was and still am traveling over a lot of countries, talking to a lot of Partners and Clients and cooperating with them as well.

Picture of the market difference depends on its geographical place. And only after you have felt the difference in people making business as well as attitude it is the only time when you can make a step to a successful cooperation.

That’s not a secret that the price question is an important matter of any deal but my blog is not about that. Let’s shortly describe all the markets by continent:

USA is well known by its relationships based on, everything spins round honest cooperation and friendship. Nowadays, it is not all about defending the business against falling oil prices, it is more about oil business companies that build their relationships on open communications with partners, especially according to the payment questions. You need to be there at the market, even if you do not have projects with a company or a single representative, all you need it is just talking to him as much as possible, gold rule of the business is “The more connections you have – the bigger result you get”.
You cannot simulate any piece of the business relationship. With practicing play-acting you should forget about cooperation, that’s not going to work.

Latin America market is known to be Spanish spoken. When you speak Spanish you simply become one of them, it is like you know them and belong there. If you do not know the language, it is better to be learnt. Try your best if you can, anyway, it will help you in doing business there and you will speak on you Partners` language. Market movement is almost same to USA. The problem you may face connected to government business restriction, but again, with connections you can do everything.

Now, let’s take about 10 hours flight over Pacific Ocean to Asia Pacific Region. Welcome to Thailand. Thru 2 hours flight you reach main competitor of all world manufacturers – China, which in mind of qualified people, is not merely low cost product manufacturer, but the country that has OEM’s with high quality and acceptable price products. The market is a hard-fought field for Europeans. There is only one way to get in it is to enter and participate within the projects through the offices of the foreign companies. Relationships are also very important, but it looks like Asia people are not that open for friendship with the person they meet the first time in their lives, they prefer to proof your intention before open themselves for a friendship.

India market is becoming second-largest just right after China and lately GPD has got a long start over China. Lots of local manufacturers, different mentality and really slow going projects can be found there. If we class the markets by time, from the startup phase to the final decision, India on my opinion will be the slowest. BUT if you keep patience you will get an incredible profit at the end.

So, to underline, when you think about business you should keep everything in mind, be open for your partners, customers, different peoples.
Be ready not to be just listened but be open to listen and the main thing heard will greatly solve their problems, as well when you share yours – you get success on every market.

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