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From Purchasing to Commissioning: Aftersales Services


Dear Readers of my blog!

Hope you enjoyed reading my previous blog about Delivery on Сustomers’ Field.

In this blog, I’m glad to give some insights of Triol after sales services.

The last step of Triol services is to provide training for Customers’ staff with TRIOL engineers and forward the goods for the future Commissioning at the Oilfield.

Triol Technical engineers provide the following services:

  1. Training of the Customers’ staff

The training on operating and troubleshooting takes from 3 to 5 working days (24 to 40 hours); the duration depends on the number of employees to attend and the program of the training.

  1. Installation supervision

2.1 incoming control;

2.2 installation on a well;

2.3 control measurements of insulation during running-in of equipment;

2.4 installation of surface equipment.

  1. Commissioning

3.1 setup and launch of equipment;

3.2 expert and consulting services;

3.3 training of staff.

  1. Remote online 24/7 technical support:

4.1 all mentioned below but remotely.

  1. Remote monitoring and control of the Well:

5.1 online 24/7 monitoring and quick adjustments to the equipment settings;

5.2 individual adjustment of equipment parameters, the optimum operating mode for the permanent operation to reach targets (flow rate, water cut etc);

5.3 real-time analysis and forecasting of possible problems to prevent accidents and complications;

  1. Scheduled visit of TRIOL engineer:

6.1 checking and carrying out of the technical conditions of the equipment;

6.2 visit of the TRIOL engineer to an oilfield for the diagnosis (elimination) of the failures.

The main goal of all our service engineering team (18 engineers) is to bring high-quality support for Customers’ projects as an integral part of the Customer team. They provide efficient and reliable services in both public and industrial sectors by fully embracing Customer requirements and applying our unique mix of skills.

Individual approach, careful selection of service engineers and their exceptionally high qualifications are our indisputable advantages. TRIOL has strong and strict requirements for candidates and all staff that works in export markets. That’s why it’s vital to have the engineering servicing skills thanks to which it’s possible to make installation and commissioning of TRIOL products.

Thanks a lot for your kind attention to read and follow my blogs. I expect that now you have an arising interest in a closer cooperation with TRIOL. Please feel free to ask us any questions at any time, because we are always open for negotiating.

My personal e-mail:, cell phone number: +38095-536-93-98 (WhatsApp).

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