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From purchasing to commissioning: Ensuring a short delivery time of Customers’ request


Dear Readers!

I’m excited to share my first blog with you, hope you enjoy to know more about manufacturing process from purchasing to commissioning in Triol Corporation.

I’d like to share some details of Triol achieving a short lead time of Customer request process.

Our team is able to ensure a short delivery time with the ability of early delivery by the synergetic and friendly relationship between our departments based on Triol internal standards & regulations such as Decision-Making Technology, Kaizen, ISO, Kanban, Scrum which are fully accepted in the company.

As soon as Triol Sales team get the order, the first and immediate action is to place order into an internal system and arrange the meeting/conference with key management persons of Logistic, R&D, Production and Quality Departments. The main topics to discuss are:

  1. to arrange equipment production in terms agreed with the Customer;
  2. to implement production unitary or serial products according to capability, avoiding harm of other orders;
  3. if the product has to be customized – to agree with R&D department about design and terms.

After the internal meeting, when all details are discussed and agreed between departments, we create an individual action plan with terms: actions and deadlines for each department.

Based on this our Operation Department is working hard on implementation of innovations and expanding producing capability of our manufacturing areas.

The main point is that this meeting and action plan should be finished within 24 hours from getting PO. It allows us to secure our commitments with the Customer. The next step is team-work of all Triol department to finish R&D, procurement, production, quality control, packing, stocking, delivery etc. But let discuss it in the next blogs.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please welcome to contact me anytime or leave your comment.

I’m always ready to discuss! Hope you enjoy reading my first blog!

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