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Daria Getsman

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From Purchasing to Commissioning: Order Tracking, Resolving Issues


Dear Readers!

Hope my previous blog was interesting for you! I’m continuing to share more information on the topic.

We, Commercial Department are linking unit between Customer and all internal processes and Departments in the company. One of mine (Client Support Specialist) main responsibility is to keep Customer updated during all process: from getting PO to delivery. It’s very important because some projects can be urgent and all timing and commissioning at the Oilfield based on date of product delivery. So after internal meeting and agreed individual action plan, Triol team begins to produce all the parts of the equipment during the production cycle.

But if the product and solution is customized, before taking the first step, our R&D Department is in charge of main developments. Here, you have more than 150 engineers beside you: 5 division separated to product directions and 33 groups:

  1. Variable Speed Drives,
  2. Downhole Sensors,
  3. Linear Electric Submersible Pump,
  4. Low voltage Variable Frequency Drives,
  5. Medium voltage Variable Frequency Drives

We do keep in touch with each Customer and R&D groups during all stages of designing. Our main point is design and produce product and solution that satisfies all Customers’ demands.

When all is designed, solution agreed with the Customer – we move forward to related division of the Production Department.

Triol Corporation works according to the international standardsuch as ISO 9001:2015, UL, CE and many others. Quality control of the products performs at all the stagesf production. Manufacturing of products is strictly holds according to the route map and check-list.

This is how we do it in Triol! Hope you enjoy reading my blog! See you!

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