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From Purchasing to Commissioning: Testing and Shipment


Good day to everyone who follows my blog!

I hope, that you have got familiar with my previous blog on a topic of «Order tracking, resolving issues», and it has cleared up your understanding regarding internal tracking of an order within our system and a procedure for notification of our dear Customers.

In this third part of the blog, I’d like to share information with you, my dear readers, about testing processes and shipment activities being executed by a TRIOL team.

TRIOL Corp. cares and worries about QA/QC for every TRIOL product for Oil&Gas extracting and production business. Our VSDs and VFDs are essential for controlling any type of motors and constitute a unique solution for marginal wells in a framework of Linear ESP. High quality, a long-life of products and a cost-effective operation without stops are the key points in the Oil&Gas industry. In order to deal with these issues and to provide a guarantee to the Customer, TRIOL Corp. has huge and full cycle testing areas at all of our three facilities, located in Ukraine, and delivers its equipment to warehouses in different countries, including the USA.

As you know, we have full production cycle of all TRIOL products at our facilities, which includes all the way from a raw metal to NEMA4X enclosure cabinets, from electronic primary parts to power components (rectifier, inverter, power board etc.) assembled into a finished product. During a course of each production stage, starting with raw materials and finishing with a completed product, and upon its completion, a strict control is carried out by our especially educated QA/QC engineers by means of up-to-date testing workbenches and specialized testing equipment.

In case if one of the components does not pass a test, it is being taken for a repair or a utilization (if the repair is unavailable) until the component will pass the test. Extra strictness payed to equipment operation and testing allows our products to perform the highest quality and life time, complying with most of international standards, such as ISO, CE or local Customer’s standards according to their requests, such as UL.

When all tests are fulfilled (for example a serial VSD with NEMA4 enclosure needs to pass more than 115 different tests) and a result is approved by QA/QC director, the product is allowed to pass to a next phase, which is, namely, packaging. This process is executed in accordance with local standards of each Customer and their individual requests. For example, we have designed a specialized box and sealed pack for APAC market (Indonesia, China, Thailand etc.), that excludes a possibility of a contact of salted sea air and fog with a surface of the VSD during overseas transportations. And for the USA and the MENA market, we offer a special resistant to overturning package with special stiffening ribs, thanks to which we can be calm and do not worry about any unexpected circumstances, that might happen during the delivery. Those types of reliable and sealed packages allow the product to reach the Customer in the highest condition without any defects, that might occur in a course of transportation.

So, to sum it up so far, I would like to say thank you to one and all for attention! If you feel an interest arising in regard a closer cooperation with TRIOL, please, do not hesitate and feel free to ask us any questions and any time, because we are always open for negotiating. In addition, I would like to ensure you, that there’s nothing to worry about, in as much as TRIOL engineers guard the Quality Assurance and Quality Control of our products.

If you still got questions to ask, please, contact me directly via my personal e-mail:

Thanks, and follow my next “From Purchasing to Commissioning: Delivery and Commisioning on Сustomer Field” blog.

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