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Daria Getsman

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Functional innovations of UMKA controller


Good day, Dear readers!

I hasten to inform you about our innovation. We added the new functionality “Exporting the values ​​of the event log parameters to an XML file” to UMKA software version 1.89 and last updates 1.90 and 1.91.

The main advantages of this functionality are the possibility for each version of the UMKA software to specify a list of parameters for exporting values ​​and the ability to import the resulting XML file to other systems where data can be used, for example, for plotting graphs. The following list of parameters, by default, is defined for all versions of UMKA software supported in the Free Software (according to an agreement with the Customer it can be changed up to all parameters displayed in the event logs in the software) for export (parameter name in XML file):
– rPump
– tdPump
– tInPump
– pInPump
– iaInPump
– ibInPump
– icInPump
– uabInPump
– ubcInPump
– ucaInPump
– zInPump
– vxInPump
– vyInPump
– a1InPump
– a2InPump

In the end, the XML file obtained with the software looks like:

This innovation allowed the UMKA controller from Triol Corporation to become even more adaptable and convenient to use.

Every time we put ever higher goals and implement them worthily! Intelligent management of technical processes is proven by UMKA controller.

Thank you for attention!

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave comments on the blog, always ready to discuss!

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