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Good old teamwork


Synergy is a summarizing effect of interaction between two or more factors, characterized by the fact that it is much greater than the effect of each individual component in the form of their simple sum.

In this article, I would like to describe the common practice implemented in our company, which allows us to complete tasks of varying complexity. I am talking about the method of solving the problem through the teamwork. The problem was to be able to regularly complete tasks of high complexity level thereby taking leading positions in all areas of Triol Corporation activity.

I remember our first workshop, in which we worked through the decision-making technology (or DMT, read more on this technology here). At this workshop with the help of our coach A. Ivanova we trained our personnel reserve, taught how to develop and make decisions for the real problem, which had been a hard nut to crack for a few months. We worked with three teams. As a result, using the DMT two out of three teems managed to come up with the solution for the problem. Although, the solutions differed, they both led to the target output result.

To confirm the results we carried out several similar workshops focusing on other technologies: project management, retrospective and with participants of different levels: managers, beginners, experienced professionals. As a result, problem-solving rate reached 78%. As soon as we obtained a steady result, we started talking about developing technology, enhancing its effectiveness, its explication and training coaches (at the starting point we had 2 persons).

As early as in Q4, about 60 complicated tasks were completed by irregular teams of specialists and managers under careful attention and moderation of 6 professional trainers with the performance rate of 92%.

The essence of the method

The technique is used when no individual decision can be made. There are several indispensable prerequisites:

1) Teamwork session: an action aimed to solve Customer’s problem by the group of participants, in accordance with a certain technology under the control of a moderator.

2) Customer: the owner of the tasks, of the budget, who defines and sets the task, determines the demo, accepts the solution from executives.

3) Moderator: a person responsible for the problem-solving, the carrier of rules and the algorithms of the teamwork, who determines the working procedures and admission structure inside the group.

4) Member: employee of the Company or an outsource qualified specialist involved in problem-solving.

5) Team: a group of session participants, who have a set of necessary competencies and are united to solve the problem.

6) Team Leader: a participant of the event, authorized to organize other participants for problem-solving.

7) Method of problem-solving: an algorithm of specific ways and actions aimed to solve a particular problem.

The general algorithm

1) Customer defines the problem that was not solved by a specific executive or solution of which requires a certain set of competences.

2) Customer formulates the problem in CPST format (our internal technology for complex problems solving, which includes the proprietary methodology of the exact problem formulation).

3) Customer chooses the coaching Moderator and discusses the possibility of solving the problem.

4) Customer chooses the technology of solving the problem together with the coaching Moderator.

5) Coaching Moderator together with the Customer determines the set of competencies necessary for solving the problem, and forms a team, approved by the Customer.

6) Coaching Moderator defines the rules of the event and the initial plan of action.

7) Coaching Moderator together with the Customer provides the team with necessary information resources, inventory and infrastructure.

8) Coaching Moderator starts teamwork.

9) Team fulfills a plan of action for solving the problem.

10) Customer evaluates the results of the work and makes a decision on purchase of the result.

The effectiveness of the method application and, accordingly, of the solution is achieved by precise and thorough work-out of each of the above steps, the exact role performance, knowledge and competence, ability to find and use the target technologies, to set the task, etc. In a mean time, the method is scalable, as it is deeply explicated in detail in the form of rules, and can be applied in various fields, including other companies’ activities.

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