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Higher, faster, better, stronger – Triol AT24 Crane


Global economic prospects are improving in a number of markets. Notably, the construction sector has stabilized and is expected to turn around within three or four years. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in many parts of the world is increasing. This is certainly a good proxy for the future of the real estate, design engineering and construction sectors. The development of industries is gaining momentum. The desire to reach unprecedented heights, in the shortest possible time is to stimulate the development of science and technology. Progress in the development of load-lifting mechanisms contributes to raising the bar of requirements: performance, security, reliability and energy efficiency.

Variable frequency drives, also known as adjustable speed drives or inverters, help regulate motor acceleration by providing initial low frequency and voltage currents that increase at a slower, controlled rate. When used on bridge, trolley or hoist applications, the VFDs offer smooth, ramped acceleration and deceleration. This enables motors to run cooler, allows for greater equipment control, increases load spotting benefits, and ensures a soft starting and stopping of the equipment.

So, what are the benefits of using a VFD to control your hoist or crane?

The variable frequency drives Triol AT24 Line K (Crane) are specially designed to work with all types of lifting equipment:
• Tower cranes,
• Bridge and gantry cranes,
• Gantry cranes,
• Special cranes,
• Winches and hoists.

Your crane business thrives on moving workloads quickly and safely. No matter the crane application, our variable frequency drives (VFD) provide the intelligence, performance, flexibility and safety for your needs. Wherever the cranes are installed, our service and support is always near.

The use of Triol AT24 Crane allows you to:

• Increase crane productivity by improving the dynamic properties;
• Reduce downtime;
• Optimize the crane work in various modes due to stepless speed regulation, the movement of the crane mechanisms with the required speed, smooth running;
• Improve the energy efficiency of the crane by reducing energy consumption, increase driving efficiency, eliminate the influence of inrush current motors on the network;
• Ensure the continuity of the process;
• Prevent accidents and the time to carry out the technical maintenance of the crane;
• Extend the crane service by reducing shock loads on mechanical parts and assemblies;
• Manage the limit switches (end of stroke adjustment);
• Slow down the speed of the load to zero, hold to overlay the mechanical brake and load leveling.

Application VFDs to enhance performance, safety and productivity: Simple, low-cost drive is here to meet unique application requirements and enhance performance:

• Crane language (rev, min, m/s);
• Close-loop speed or torque control;
• Open-loop speed or torque control;
• Operational temperature is from -20 … +50 °C;
• Control with multiposition joystick (command controller);
• 4 quadrant operation;
• Dynamic (resistive) or regenerative braking;
• U/f control;
• User-friendly removable panel;
• Special crane features (brake control, control from the controller commands, separately configurable features of acceleration and deceleration).

Safety is built into Triol AT24 VFDs Line K. They include features, which reduce the possibility of lifting an over capacity load, minimize or eliminate dangerous load swing, prevent overheating of motors, and provide safeguards that limit unauthorized modification of drive controller parameters or prevent programming of potentially unsafe parameters.

When we discuss the 95% efficiency achievable via the use of variable frequency drives (VFD), it’s not optimistic, it’s factual. Is it always the case?

Since no two applications are exactly the same and Variable Frequency Drives provide the ability to empower the user with operating modes and options to best suit the needs of the operators. Do you have a specific preference?

Feel free to contact us.

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