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The Most Perspective Cost-saving Solution in the Energy Sector


Cut down expenses and clean up on efficiency

Every commercial enterprise commits itself to enjoy a profit. But improving a net balance is not only about increasing income. Cutting down expenses allows entrepreneurs to gain financial strength and significant benefits even more so they could foresee. One of the largest expenditure items of a frequent occurrence is energy costs. The more you spent on energy resources the more manufacturing capacity you obtain, so they say it is impossible to make an omelet without breaking eggs. And conversely, when an enterprise takes up such a broad area as the energy management, a common positive effect comes up quickly.

Savings on energy is a key to future prosperity

A lot of companies miss important aspects connected to ingenuous changes able to bring essential difference. Even top market players can find an opportunity to reform their budget and reach new progress in energy efficiency. Particularly, this is crucial in the long view of a predictable increase in prices for energy commodities. Triol Corporation offers to its Customers a set of solutions for technological improvement of energy efficiency providing measurable benefits for their businesses. Naturally, this includes an improved automation of industrial processes bringing up to 80 % of potential savings, utilization of advanced equipment able to optimize energy consumption according to ambient conditions, applying solar energy capacity providing a revolutionary approach of an immense value, etc. But among others, there is a quick dispatch capable to bring instant improvements for industrial facilities.

Effective method for electric motors industrial application

Every manufacturing enterprise definitely applies different electric motors and machinery able to operate at a constant speed and powered directly from AC power supply network. Such devices can execute functions for enabling HVAC, conveyors, grinders, pumps, lifts, etc. Namely, almost every mechanical movement at a plant is mechanized by electric motors exploiting magnets to create motion, parameters of which rely heavily on power supply characteristics. As a result, substantive energy savings in this type of equipment are achieved by operating at a variable speed. To gain this, it is essential to install a variable frequency drive (VFD), that is used to gradually decline frequency and voltage to meet requirements of the electric motor load. This is extremely important due to the fact that applications require the motor to run in full operation rather occasionally. As the application motor actual load demand change, the VFD turns up or down the motor speed to meet the speed requirement, and this reduces energy consumption significantly. Even relatively small reductions in speed can produce significant energy savings.

Variable frequency drive makes a difference

Triol Corporation produces the VFDs from the very beginning of its existence and has a vast experience in this scope. Currently, the Company introduces Triol AT24 and Triol AT27 to the market of VFDs. Both products constitute the most advanced engineering solutions, providing a ponderable extension of an equipment life-time at the facilities, forcible optimization of industrial processes, and significant reduction in equipment maintenance costs. But their most valuable contribution is related to the energy efficiency improvement for a Customer’s business and creating a profit from energy economizing.

In such a manner, it is no trouble to calculate a profit from Triol AT24 or Triol AT27 implementation due to a broad range of case studies providing data from real facilities. For example, utilization of Triol AT27 VFD (in comparison to a valve control) to a motor with the following characteristics: power of 1000 kW, voltage of 6 kV, rotational speed of 1500 rpm, efficiency of 95 %; operation at 60 % of a flow rate (power factor of 0,9 at 100 % of the flow rate), shows the following results:

  1. power consumption when regulating with a valve:

1000 X 0,90 X 0,55 X 1 / 0,95motor efficiency= 521 kW;

  1. motor delivered power: 1000 x 0,9 x (0,6)3 = 194,4 kW;
  1. motor consumed power: 194,4/ 0,95motor efficiency = 204,6 kW;
  1. Triol AT27 consumed power: 204,6 / 0,96Triol AT27 efficiency = 213,2 kW.
  1. Energy saving for one year at 24 hours/day operation:

          ((521-213,2) kW x 8760 h) = 2′ 696′ 328 kW/h or

          2′ 696′ 328 kW/h x 0.1 USD/kW*h = 269’632,8 USD

Consequently, the amount of expenses saved on energy consumption constitutes 269’632,8 USD per year as it stands. Naturally, those figures vary in altered conditions, nevertheless, they always stay impressive.

If you got interested in a new course of energy efficiency for your business, please, contact our managers to obtain an insight on a positive impact relevant for your facilities to start making money on energy savings entirely and permanently!

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