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How to choose a VSD for elevators


Hello my dear readers!

My previous blog was on the voltage compensator, in which I told about brownouts, their causes and how to eliminate them in the enterprise. Today I will tell you about elevator equipment, namely Triol VFDs and the basic requirements for them.

No need to talk about the importance of elevators and their functions. To date, they are in almost every multi-storey building. And you’re reading this blog, surely noted that in your apartment there is also one.

Yes, elevators have become an integral part of our lives, but few people think that in a year the elevator mechanism consumes about 1-7% of the total energy load in the building. However, electricity prices continue to rise. Therefore, it is important to introduce energy-saving devices (namely VFDs), so that electricity prices “do not bite”.

My purpose is not to talk about VFDs, their varieties and functions, but give guidance on their choice. I propose to consider several characteristics, which you should pay attention to.

First of all, the VFDs power must conform to the rated power of the motor used. Then pay attention to the type of power supply. Modern VFDs are mostly designed for a three-phase industrial network with a voltage of 380 V. Of course, there are times when single-phase power supply 220-240 V is required. This species is in most cases designed for less power. Want to note that it is very important to pay attention to the range of VFD regulation. Practically all-modern VSD reliably work at reduction of speed of rotation of a rotor of the engine to 10% from nominal. However, if a lower rotational speed is required, not every transducer is suitable. This point needs to be discussed with the equipment supplier.

In conclusion, I would say that lifting equipment installed in buildings, has a different status. New buildings, most often – new elevators, and old worn-out elevators. Therefore, it is also necessary to install VSDs because they provide safety and extend the life of the equipment and engine. However, we’ll talk about this in my next blog.

Triol AT24 VFD Lift application you can find here.

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