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How to improve the quality of power supply due to Triol Corporation solutions


Equipment forced outage can arise for a number of reasons. It can be both natural phenomena (lightnings, strong wind and snow storms, birds and animals) and phenomena in the supply network (transients, power failures, overvoltages, peak overvoltages, service failure of equipment). That can never be completely eliminated, but any manufacturing enterprise requires the high-quality power supply. Triol Corporation has developed solutions for companies to improve the power supply quality and reliability, which facilitates complete elimination of industrial processes shutdown during power supply interruptions.

Voltage regulators

Short circuits is the main cause of power failures. Only one power failure can lead to the failure of computer systems, relays, frequency converters. Equipment outages, in turn, causes large cash costs. Triol Corporation offers the use of Triol KH24+ voltage compensator as a solution for neutralizing of power failures. This Triol development facilitates timely trouble shooting resulted from overvoltage and failures in three-phase voltage curves.

This voltage regulator provides the equipment with high-quality electric power due to a wide range of power and input voltage. So, when using it, the number of outages is reduced and capacity is improved by eliminating downtime, and, as a result, the operating process becomes stable and cost-effective. At the same time, the low-quality supply network influence on technological equipment is reduced and its service life is extended.

Variable frequency drives

Energy saving is the main effect of using the frequency converters. The use of variable frequency drive allows to increase the electrical equipment operational reliability, reduce its mechanical wear, and also increase capacity.

Triol Corporation offers the installation of Triol AT27 VFD, in order to resolve the issue of uninterrupted power supply and its efficient use. Moreover, this solution proves itself and in respect of saving energy costs arising in the course of productive activity. Triol AT27 VFD provides increased system reliability due to the use of 6-power cells for each output phase. It has a high protection against overloads, exceeding the maximum output current, short circuit in the load, failure of power cells, power supply failure, overheating, unacceptable increase and decrease in supply voltage, etc. Triol AT27 VFDs are most often implemented at the enterprises that are engaged in oil production. Companies have to optimize their production in order to maintain profitability and increase workers’ productivity: that is to improve industrial processes and apply innovative systems. Notably, the oil industry uses expensive equipment, which quickly wears out and requires replacement. The use of Triol AT27 VFD significantly slows down the wear of equipment, allowing companies to save significant amounts of money.

Triol AT24 VFDs are high-quality solutions that cover a wide range of capacities and include frequency converters of several series with various functions of electric motors control. The key indicator, due to which customers around the world choose the Triol VFDs, is not only a reliability of high degree, but also significant energy savings! Variable frequency drives manufactured by Triol Corporation comply with international quality standards, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

Artificial lift surface equipment

Artificial lift surface equipment is one of the main branch of activities of Triol Corporation.

Switchboard Triol AK01 is a reliable, safe and low-cost solution for controlling submersible motors that complies the safety requirements and also operates under the conditions of overvoltage in corrosive environment. As a solution for high-quality power supply, Triol AK01 provides electric motor direct start, manual start and stop and by the well parameter value, protecting the electric motor from short-circuit and prohibitive overload.

Soft starter AK02 is an optimal solution for oil companies, ensuring undisturbed operation in the desert, tropics, coast and even offshore platforms due to the special design and degree of enclosure protection of NEMA3, NEMA4, NEMA4X. Triol AK02 provides a high degree of network overvoltages resistibility, gentle and smooth start of the electric motor. It is a perfect solution for improving the quality and reliability of power supply for oil companies operating stripper and periodic wells.

Variable speed drive Triol AK06 is one of the most popular products used for oil production. It is the most effective solution for increasing the reliability of the operating process. This VSD makes it possible to use all the advantages of the motor and improve the energy efficiency of the facility. It provides reliable operation even under difficult oil production conditions.

Active harmonic filters

Powerful semiconductor converters have a serious negative impact on the supply network, due to the consuming of non-sinusoidal current from the supply network, resulting in the consumed current wave-form distortion up to 30-40%. Triol Corporation has developed an interesting solution for VSDs. The solution was implemented, as a means for eliminating harmonic distortion, by connecting the active harmonic filter (AHF) into a separate cabinet of 6-pulse VSD. The active filtering principle is generation of the current signal, which is inverse to harmonic distortions. AHF has a small passive filter and its active one is at full capacity. Therefore, it can operate at low loads without turning-on the active filter. The user can customize this setting in order to select the optimum current for turning-on and turning-off the active filter. The filter can be equipped with an electricity meter.

Automatic Dispatching Control Systems

Triol Interactive Technology Assistant is a new innovative technology developed by Triol Corporation for remote monitoring and device management is established on its basis. This technology combines software tools for collecting, processing and analysing information on the status and performance of remote mechanisms. Triol ITA technology is able to serve as an electricity monitoring device:
– monitoring of high-quality electric power, signals, transients, short-time breaks in power supply;
– power management;
– timely recording of alarm events.

Triol Corporation solutions will be able to provide your company only with high-quality power supply! Our high-tech innovative products are designed to improve your power supply performance and maximize your power results!

As a result of the implementation of Triol Corporation solutions, you will get:
– сomplete elimination of industrial processes shutdown during power supply interruptions and thus the nonoccurence of production downtime and possible rejection of items;
– uninterrupted power supply and reduction of repeated start-ups of equipment;
– improving of production automation and improvement of working conditions;
– and the most important is a significant reduction in financial losses!

 Triol Corporation offers the best solutions for the best companies!

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