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Daria Getsman

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India is a new market and new challenge for Triol Corporation


Dear Readers! Last month I was on a business trip in India. I visited many Customers in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai regions regarding different Triol products. As a special invited guest to a business dinner I met with Shanghai Elevator Trade Association and Delhi Elevator Association members, I also visited IEE EXPO2016 in Mumbai.

I’m truly impressed by India! It is a beautiful country with a great architecture and monuments, with historical Tombs, Red Fort and Old Fort in Delhi, Government buildings and India Gate in New-Delhi, Victoria’s Railway Station and Gate of India in Mumbai, Elephanta Island and Caves … . All my free time I spent enjoying the fantastic atmosphere of India!

I found that India market is very specific and it is a new challenge for Triol! I’ll try to describe and share these specifics to you!

Oil production market in India demands “all-inclusive” service proposals. It means that tenders are published for well service including a full set of equipment and installation & maintenance services. Customers purchase the whole complete package from one responsible vendor-contractor.

Purchases are always made via public tenders. These tenders are published in newspapers and on special web-sites of the largest Indian companies, that organize the tenders and they are real End-Customers for required equipment.

Tenders publications can be checked for free on specialized corporate e-tender web-sites, sometimes it is possible to download the tender’s technical requirements for free without any registration. To participate in tenders, download documentation for filling, proposals submitting it is necessary to register on web-site as equipment provider (vendor), obtain an electronic key-signature and then confirm bank guarantee.

Tenders are quickly provided; preference is given to the best price with good quality. There is always a risk of payment delay after the equipment is supplied, it mostly happens with small companies, whereas it is caused by their limited funds with no any care about reputation. Preferences can be given to companies that have their registered offices precisely in India; however, as an alternative, it is possible to participate in tenders with the help of local agent or marketing company. In such case agent can supervise the vendor and help in cooperation with End-Customers. It is a good opportunity to have such Partner in India!

During my business trip I got many new contacts of potential customers and found many possibilities for Triol products. We are facing this challenge without a trace of fear!

Share your experience in India market or give us some pieces of advice regarding it!

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