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Daria Getsman

Daria Getsman

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Indian elevator market


Hello Dear Readers,

Let me share my impression of travelling around India this fall.

Target of my trip was to open new regions for our VFD AT24 Lift application series drive.

Firstly, India has the second largest elevator market in the World, with about 60 thousand new elevators per year. This country divided on four industrial regions:

– East: with centre in Kolkata – 5 thousand elevators per year.
– West: with centre in Mumbai – 20 thousand elevators per year.
– South: with centre in Chennai – 20 thousand elevators per year.
– North: with centre in New Delhi – 15 thousand elevators per year.

North of the country is the financial region of India. South and West are the production regions. A favorable condition is the presence of ports.

During my business trips, I was in cities such as New Delhi, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, and Chennai where I learned some very interesting facts about India, like for example: they speak more than 25 dialects, with the most widely spoken languages Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi and Assamese. One day per week, the light in industrial areas is turned off for the whole day.

I was very impressed by hospitable and openness of Indian people. Directors of many companies met my colleague and me with good cheer. It was very nice to discuss ways of cooperation in such circumstances.

One of the main features of seamless work there – you need to be a local company or have a good partner, because stone of stumbling for foreign companies in India is import duty which sometimes reaches 40% of the invoice amount. We were able to talk with the manufacturers of gear and gearless machines, full lift providers, controller manufacturers and all of them talk over that they very interested to operate with European companies, despite that this is very hard to do.

To sum all things up I found that India is a beautiful country with rich culture and a very strong industrial potential, the country abounds with smart people, who in a very short time will help the country become a global industry and economy leader.

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