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Daria Getsman

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Innovations in the submersible equipment development is the path to success


Hello everyone!

Today I would like to raise an important issue concerning innovations in submersible equipment technology.

Triol Corporation commenced production activity like many other companies by buying the components from outside vendors to assembly motors and pumps. Yes, we used to follow this strategy until today.

Every single day our specialists, including me keep on contributing to the development of the all spheres of the Company. Now we are engaged in the development and production of pumps and motors, we develop in-house components for the equipment and carry out all the responsible technological operations. For example, development of our own levels for ESP pumps (as the main element of the pump), production sections of the stator, and rotor for PMM.


Our specialists mastered the complex settlement AnsysCFX to design ESP stages (impellers and guide vanes). We also explore the environment, materials, geometry and create energy-efficient level. We have already built various test benches and equipped them with instruments of high precision to take into account all the factors affecting the efficiency of the developed stages.

That is why I am sure that Triol Corporation can contribute to innovation! We will achieve this purpose as we direct all forces in the development of innovative and high-quality product!

Feel free to discuss all the matters concerning LESP.

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