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Innovative LESP system contributes to the increasing of oil extraction profitability


Linear electric submersible pump of Triol Corporation is taking over the world!

Current state of oil and gas industries has the following features – high rate of oil extraction and, unfortunately, growth of marginal well count.

What the low production rate is defined by?

Firstly, it is necessary to include expenses of space-time yield in oil production planning. Therefore, marginal wells are acceptable when the payback period is minimal.

Secondly, it is possible to apply the stimulation technique to bottom-hole zone wells that are aimed to increase fluid influx, for example, hydraulic fracturing or acid treatment of a well.

Thirdly, if, for whatever reason, enhancing of the wells bottom-hole zone failed then customized technique are required.

Triol Corporation has developed a solution that increases the profitability of oil production of low-rate wells and contributes to the intensification of bottom-hole zone wells in low-permeability reservoirs. Here it is – LESP! Linear Electrical Submersible Pump. Here you can check technical parameters of this innovation.

Right now, you can get a line on how LESP increases the profitability of oil production.

Exploitation of marginal wells faces various complicated factors that can lead to well rate decrease, higher energy consumption, premature failure of the equipment that determines frequent repairs in wells, etc. LESP allows you to get rid of these problems! The device is intended for reducing energy consumption, for minimizing breakdown of equipment, and for no decreasing the oil wells debit!

How to increase the efficiency of oil production from marginal wells?

Triol Corporation prepared the complete solution for the oil production from marginal wells:

  • stock of marginal well – more than 10 wells
  • technical decision based on LESP
  • handling the project from its planning till technical support of operation process
  • payback period – less than 2 years

Terms of project development:

  • from planning till commissioning – 6 months
  • support of oil production – 2 years

Results of project implementation:

  • 10% production increase
  • 2 times decrease of energy costs
  • responsibility of Triol for any results: results are achieved – Triol gets bonuses; not achieved – pay penalties

Triol LESP, as a method of low-rate well operation, increases the oil extraction profitability and in addition to the aspect, it will affect the oil production cost!

These and other features of LESP make this solution popular and more attractive against other standard solutions. More detailed information about LESP you can get by following the link. In addition, if you haven’t seen yet, there is the video about LESP in operation. Follow the link and watch this entertaining video!

LESP is attracting the attention of the world! Very soon, you will read about the companies that have already received benefits from the installation of LESP. Your company can be among this list! If you have any questions, please contact us.

Triol Corporation provides only reliable and effective solutions!

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