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Input harmonic filter – Advanced solution for VSD


Hello dear readers!

It’s been a while since my last blog. Let’s catch up on some vital details for VSD.

I’m excited to share our breakthrough solution in the field of power supply systems for the oil industry with a non-linear load.

Non-linear load, as you know, causes harmonic distortion in three-phase circuits, as a rule, the 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, etc.

The harmonic current loads in the power supply system:

  • distort transformers bus supply,
  • increase the energy loss in the underwater circuits,
  • cause the premature aging of the insulation,

All of these factors lead to a decrease in the reliability of electric equipment. That is why there are several governmental standards that regulate the acceptable levels of harmonic voltage distortions caused by the load current.

We developed and tested an input harmonic filter solution implemented in Triol VSDs to control PMMs.

The filter is developed with the possibility of switching to one active bypass when the load drops more than 50% from the rated load.

The method of higher harmonics compensation at the VSD output is based on the fact that the filter is formed of bypassing the possibility of at least two modes of operation.

Triol successfully provides the market with highly-technological solutions in order to reduce the negative impact on the power supply network.

As a result, this particular solution allows you to keep the value of the nonlinear distortion coefficient within 5% with a load drop of more than 50% from the rated load. Even at a 40% load, the 515-kva VSD is capable of keeping the THD level at less than 5%, while TDD shows around 3.33%. When reaching a 70% load, the VSD already offers less than 4% THD.

For more detailed information, contact me directly.

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