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Intelligent Oilfield is Now Available to Everyone


Modern approaches in oilfield

Current oil production environment deeply varies from the backgrounds existed in 20th century. An increasing number of specific circumstances arise continuously due to an exhaustible nature of hydrocarbon resources. Today the majority of petroleum deposits is hardly extractable and a sharp competition between world oil-and-gas production companies proceeds to increase.  Crucial technological issues for production process optimization are set against also. The most obvious method to negate all this consists in a production amounts increase with simultaneous development and integration of low-cost solutions for involved equipment refurbishing. A genuine breakthrough was made in this field, which constitutes an implementation of modern data mining approaches at all stages of hydrocarbons production.

Operational decisions govern it all

A profit level of companies engaged in oil production depends directly on a quality of operational decisions made on the most frequent events. In turn, their quality is influenced by the relevance and processing rate of the incoming information. Upgrading these aspects is meant to create an intelligent oilfield (IO) comprising comprehensive automation integrated at all stages of the oil production technological processes, including intelligent wells (IW) origination. This approach is considered to be the most economically effective among others.

Smart touch for the industry

The intelligent wells are capable to provide a direct communication to the external production environment via information channels, to perform self-adjustment based on automatic learning and organization, to be integrated with smart control systems as a tool for compensation for the object model inaccuracy, to maintain autonomous operation during network failures, to provide instrumental system for monitoring, control, and diagnostics, to present data via advanced visualized and intuitive interface, as well as to present a mathematical and control model of a well and equipment parameters. Generally, the intelligent well must be highly autonomous, able to maintain performance targets such as maximum flow, efficiency, and oil recovery factor, while interacting with ambient conditions changes and preventing possible downtime. 

Versatility and inclusivity

Obviously, all this is achieved by means of application of cross-function measures package, including either management, software, and hardware tools. An evaluation of the efficiency and the accuracy depends on information validity obtained from sensors installed by the equipment, as well as on speed and adequacy of the data mining. Those measures must be implemented on every single well and united into one universal system controllable remotely. An astute analysis of the retrospective data provides an effective prediction tool for strategical planning in order to increase oil production volumes. Modern data mining technologies bring an effective solution for such urgent problems, as control modeling, equipment condition estimating, malfunctions detection, and technological process optimization, which enhances the most proficient production rates. Implementation of integrated systems for remote monitoring and control in real-time mode are able to optimize engaged processes, extend equipment life and decrease production costs.

Blocks for building the future

An efficient system of intelligent oilfield includes the following components:

  • equipment control system providing instant readings on associated processes and their control;
  • oilwell control system including modeling, recognition, simulation, and analysis of technological objects conditions;
  • strategic management system applying data mining and predictive analytics methods, preventing failures and emergencies;
  • user interface systems at operators’ workstations displaying current situation description.

This complex system development and integration is based on close interaction with corporate management systems without discontinuing of production processes.

Triol finds a way

Triol Corporation keeps track of modern trends in oil production willing to provide its Customers with the most advanced solutions for efficient use only. This means that our software-hardware package for intelligent oilfield is ready to be integrated just now. Improvement starts instantly onsite, where Triol TM01 Downhole Measurement System is installed. This equipment provides the most accurate data on submersible equipment operation, reviling all the issues arising within the production process. Next, these readings reach Triol AK06 Variable Speed Drive, where sophisticated algorithms automate and optimize equipment operation. Triol MT01 router installed by the equipment transmits collected data to a cloud or a local server, after what an authorized user is able to access this information on a web service with a user-friendly interface. All the data is given via adjustable widgets and their customized combination. This solution created by Triol Corporation is named Triol ITA, which means Interactive Technology Assistant. Except for improved dataflow via real-time monitoring, it provides a bidirectional communication, which enables remote control of equipment operation. So, as a result the user obtains accurate data instantly and gives commands based on efficient data mining. This helps to decrease a number of inspections and maintenance costs, intensify management strategy and successful planning.

To find more about intelligent oilfield and its benefits, feel free to contact our managers, who provide you with the recent update on Triol solutions for remote control and monitoring of the oil production facilities.

Control anything, anytime, and from anywhere with Triol Interactive Technology Assistant!

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